Friday, 10 April 2020

Zaeeda-ELJ-# Week 2 Day 5 (It's Good Friday)

Week 2 Day 5 (It's Good Friday)
Last day of doing the Easter learning journey, I have to say the first activity was really cool and I enjoyed it.  School starting in a few days and Isolation is still happening too, let's stay strong.

Activity 1: Hope
For this task we had to create a poster of 2 things we hoped for today. 

Well I hope that school will start up again soon and we will still have most of our events on and I also hope that the lock down would end son. This is because isolation has made it really suffocating, and if you know me. You'd know that me and my family travel a LOT!

Extra Activity
For this task we had to imagine we could send a text to anyone in Glen Innes. We also had to choose 3 emojis to describe.

 👌   😜   🎨

If I could send a text to someone it would be Stay Home and Stay safe cause that's exactly what we need to do. And well there isn't much else we need to do other than practicing good hygiene.

This week was lots of fun and I can't wait for school to start up again, soon. S T A Y  S A F E and Stay Home!

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