Thursday, 10 January 2019


Hello there reader welcome to the last day of the summer learning journey, Enjoy!

Activity 1: Enviroment day- Beat Plastic Pollution

my family has a bin which actually has three sections waste, plastic/glass and paper which makes it easier to sort we put the waste in the red bin and glass plastic and paper into the yellow or blue bin and the cardboard we give it to our dad who flattens it and when he has to do spray painting and greases work he puts it down and reuses it. So that's what my family does to save the enviroment so what about you.

Activity 2: Adoption Day

I would love to have a pet or adopt some animal but my parents don't really like the idea of me have more pets after have 9 budgies and a dog!

Activity 3:Concluding the Journey

Well this is the end for the summer learning journey I had so much fun this summer I can't wait to do more I wish there were more activites but everything must to an end sooner or later. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED!


  1. Hi Zaeeda

    My name is Allie and I am the Cluster Manager for the Summer Learning Journey in Toki Pounamu. This in on the West Coast of the South Island.

    Congratulations for finishing the Summer Learning Journey this summer. You have done an amazing job. It is great to see all the things that you have learnt. I hope you Mum finds a way to sort out her plastic bag issue!

    Have a fun rest of the holidays and all the best for your new year at school.

    Keep blogging

    Allie :)

  2. Dear Allie

    Thanks for the comment my mum has come up with a few solutions she is just testing them out. I am really enjoying this summer and can't wait to do the winter learning journey I also can't wait to meet my new teachers and become and year 7!

    From Zaeeda

  3. Kia Ora Zaeeda,

    Congratulations on finishing up the Summer Learning Journey for 2018-2019. What an amazing accomplishment! It is great to see that you have learned so much from participating and are planning to continue blogging over the rest of the summer. That is a great plan! If you have time, please also consider posting quality comments on the sites of other participants. You can earn 2 points for every high quality comment that you make. A high quality comment is, at least, three sentences long and includes a specific detail about something that you read in the post. It can be anything!

    We hope to continue to see you online regularly throughout the rest of the summer. Congrats again on finishing up the journey! Like Allie, I really hope that your mom finds a solution to the plastic bag issue!

    Warmest regards,
    Rachel :)

  4. Hi Zaeeda,

    This is Ms Nalder - I used to teach at Pt England School! I now work with the Summer Learning Journey so that I can work from home and look after my little daughter Laila. She is super cute!

    I can't believe you have finished the Summer Learning Journey already! Congratulations!

    I was just reading your post about what you can do to help save the environment. Another thing you could try, is having compost bin. All your fruit and vegetable scraps from the kitchen can go in it. It is a great way to reduce your waste and to reuse the compost on the garden (once it breaks down).

    I'm going to have a look back at some of your blog posts from the Summer Learning Journey now.

    I hope you have had a wonderful summer and you are enjoying spending time with your family.

    Best wishes,
    Ms Nalder

  5. Dear Ms Nalder

    Thank you for all the comments on my blog.

    I remember when you taught at school I think you might have taught my big sister Alisha.

    My mum works at Pak n save but she has trouble finding other jobs due to picking us up after school because my dad sometimes has to go super far on truck jobs he is a mechanic.

    That is a really great idea Mr Vogt has taken recycling to a whole new level at school and so I think we could talk about getting a compost bin in when we talk about pollution. I remember have a worm farm at kindy and we had a compost bin we also use to feed snail silver beet after growing them in our garden.

    I hope you are having a great rest of the summer!


  6. Kia Ora Zaeeda,

    Wow! Huge Congratulations on finishing the Summer Learning Journey programme, I am really impressed by how much work you have completed across this years summer. You are really talented and amazing at all your cool work, great job. I loved reading each and everyone of your activities but your work was like another persons work, to hard to choose a favourite one. So here's what I'm going to do!

    Activity 1: Your first activity was done perfectly and was presented pretty well. I like the image you have added next to the actual post or description you made. It's really smart of families to have 3 specific bins of putting your rubbish in, so chuck it in the right bin. It's really cool of you to add this in your description, thank you so much for an awesome activity, you are a star!

    Activity 2: This activity was really pretty, I like how you have presented it into a presentation as it was really easy to read and your images were absolutely incredible. I'm really amazed of what animals you have listed down. My most favourite animal would have to be the Artic Fox as it's an animal I have never seen before nor have I ever seen anyone with an Artic Fox. So excellent work on completing this task, must've been a lot of work seeing the actual animal and having a short description about them.

    Activity 3: Your final activity was perfect, I am absolutely surprised on how well you have accomplished each and every question. Fabulous work and awesome answers to these questions. I am glad you learnt something and that you had a lot of fun doing this years SLJ. Brilliant Zaeeda.

    Overall fantastic work, Love each post you have presented to us. Hope to see more blogging from you very soon. Great Job!


  7. Hola Zaeeda ,

    Activity 1 - I love the way in each post you always draw your own picture to go with it so creative I love all the ways you have written to save our planet !!! My favourtive was the three sections waste, plastic/glass and paper !! Well Done ....

    Activity 2- What an Amazing post you have created for Activity 1 I love the colour you have chosen because it sooo bright to look at , All the animals you have chosen has to be in my favourites book I loved how you explained each animal !!!!

    Activity 3 - Your Final activity for the Conclusion was Perfect !!! I love the way you had written each and every question with effort , Also I want to say I BIG Congratulations for Completing The Summer Learning Journey for 2018 - 2019 !!!!

    Best Wishes ,

  8. Talofa Zaeeda,

    Cia here from the Summer Learning Journey Ako Hiko team. I have the opportunity today to engage with some of you people here in the Manaiakalani Cluster which is awesome.

    I'd like to say congratulations to you for completing the Summer Learning Journey, you should be proud of your accomplishment! Well done for persevering and trying hard.

    You have included lots of similarities between the three animals you listed, perhaps next time you could clearly list and explain some of the differences between them. The Arctic Fox is such a regal creature, I'm sure it would be amazing to even just see one in person! I'm sorry to hear that you lost your dog, it is very hard losing a part of your family I know, just keep remembering that he isn't in any pain wherever he is now.

    If I could 'adopt' an animal, it would definitely be a Kākāpō. They are one of my favourite animals, and the only flightless parrot in the world! Through the NZ Department of Conservation, I'd get to see updates of the Kākāpō I've adopted and how they're living. Pretty cool right?

    Once again, congrats on completing the Summer Learning Journey, I hope your holiday is coming along well.

    Toe feiloa'i fo'i (see you again),


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