Thursday, 2 April 2020

Zaeeda-ELJ-#Day 4 (Back Home For A Moment)

Day: 4 (Back Home For A Moment)
Here is day 4 I enjoyed doing it. I did struggle with getting the exact length and width measurement of my house, but I did get it eventually. This task was fun to do cause it really made me look at ways that different houses and buildings can be improved to and not just my house.


  1. Zaeeda, I really like how professional your floor plans look and how practical you were about the changes you thought needed to be made. I wonder, if you could add one more room to your house, what kind of room would it be?

  2. Hi Zaeeda

    I agree with Mrs Moala. Your floor plans and changes look like the read deal! Job well done. I'm glad you enjoyed this activity. Ka pai!

    Mrs Ilaoa