Monday, 9 February 2015

How I Lost my tooth

Once I lost my tooth at school I couldn't pronounce my words right. I was sad. But when I went home to my mum she said I will get another one but I didn't quite believe her. In 6 months time I got an adult tooth and could pronounce my words right.I said thanks mum you gave me my tooth. No I didn't yes you did. The tooth fairy gave it and left you 50 sense see for yourself oh she did thanks tooth fairy. That's how I lost my tooth.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

All About Me

My name is Zaeeda. I have 2 sisters and mum and dad. I have a dog name jake.mum is the most beautiful and amazing mum in the hold world and my dad is the most important part of my favourite colour is purple.I go to Pt England school with my sister. My favourite friend is Aaliah and Jedida. I always have a good time with my friends at school . I love chocolate ice cream. I love my life.