Thursday, 28 September 2017

Solar System Fractions

This week room 10 did a task. it was about the solar system. it was also had something to do with decimals and fractions. good thing we had learnt about turning decimals in to fractions last week. I didn't have much trouble but I worked with my friends to help them and explain what was happening. I also think that it is fun to help others.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Planet Earth and Beyond

This this week in room 10 literacy group Maungakiekie made a quiz for there reading task. my one it all about what we've been learning this term. Try it out and have fun !

Trip to Stardome

Paideia seminar

Last Tuesday  the year 5&6 extension had there once in a term paideia seminar.  When I arrived in Ict I was really Panicked because I didn’t know what to say or when to say it but still I didn’t dare say a thing.

When the bell rang for lunch I was so relieved because we had Live stream practice and I thought that would take my mind of things but boy was I wrong. The only thing I could think about during lunch was the paideia seminar. My friends tried snapping me out of it but it was no use.

The bell rang and my face dissolved into tears my I watered like rain. Tears ran down my face like a waterfall. My Teacher decided to take me to Ict my lips went dry and I started to get goose bump as I entered Ict.

I lined up silently as we started towards tusitala. This was scary because all of a sudden my brain had flipped and I wasn’t to keen about my planet anymore. The reason I was scared was because I didn’t know how my group would react to what I said.

I sat down on my seat and waited for the seminar to take place. I didn’t talk much of the time but soon then Hinerangi asked to hear what I have to say. I told what was in my brain and as I did my one of the members in my group yelled Pure honesty I felt better and told more about why our planet wasn’t the best.

At the end of the seminar I was relieved that I didn’t have to think about what was going on.  But as people decided to leave Mrs Sinclair came and started talking to me about what had happened at lunch. I didn’t want to answer so I just said what was at the  back of my mind. Even that didn’t get me out of there she just reminded my of the other production back in da day.

So that how I decided I wasn’t the production type and I wouldn’t ever audition in a production ever again.

The thing I did better this time would probably be that I  said things that I had thought really deeply about. My goal next time would be not to do anything like that in my lunch time espacially when it is on the week if the paidaie seminar. Next time My goal would also be to try and contributte more with thing that will help my group instead of what wouldn’t help my group.

The thing I learnt most in this experience is that I Being civilized is not the best thing because it make people greedy and leave people homeless. I also think being civilized is not a good Idea because when we are civilized places like America are always focused on thing they don’t have they don’t care about thing they already have. So that is what I learnt most about.

Thursday, 7 September 2017


This week we had a bunch of questions and we had to answer them and then show were we got our answer from 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Solar Eclispse

 WOW! We have just gotten to witness the eclipse in 2017 august 21st. This will go down in history and I will probably remember this until the next solar eclipse.

I was so lucky that they were handing out eclipse glasses so our eyes won’t get damaged even a little ray of the solar eclipse even for a few second can damage your eyes.

Do you know what a solar  eclipse is well I am about to tell you a solar eclipse is when the moon goes over the sun but since the moon it to cover the sun completely there are still a few bead poking out one of them are called the diamond ring.

Wow this was so cool did you know that when there is a solar eclipse human aren’t the only one reacting. animals and plants also react. For example flowers might start to close up.

This has been amazing being able to watch this eclipse it would probably be the only eclipse I would remember. In the future I would love to watch a solar eclipse so till then.

Animation Voice over

’The earth is so polluted’’ said Zaria “ I agree” said Alisha let’s go find a new planets. Should we take my rocket or yours? said Alisha “hmmm… let’s take mine” replied Zaria “okay”Said Alisha. They boarded the rocket made out of pizza’s and blasted to outer space. “We are out of this world” said Zaria  “haha very funny” replied Alisha.

They past all the planets in the solar system. “Mars jupiter neptune pluto Uranus moon earth venus saturn that’s all of them we are officially out of the solar system” said Alisha “and have arrived at our first planet’’ finished Zaria.

They landed on the planet but the ship had turned into a normal rocket “hey what gives said Zaria “don’t worry remember you are on another planet right now”said a mysterious voice. Zaria knew that voice from somewhere but were “who said that” Zaria replied as she jumped into one of her karate moves.

“Don’t worry I am in your space watch/phone/communicator”said the voice Zaria looked at her watch and saw a friendly face “Zaeeda” she shouted in relief. Zaria was talking to Zaeeda on the watch but Alisha had already started looking for the right resources that make a planet habitable.

“This is a good planet” said Zaria to Zaeeda “and it has all the right resources” Alisha finished out of the blue. The celebrated and got Zaeeda to alert the rest of the planet. Everyone landed on crownania the new planet to support human life.

A few years later…..

’The earth is so polluted’’ said Zaria “ I agree” said Alisha “here we go again” Zaria said.