Wednesday, 2 January 2019


Welcome back to another wonderful day of the summer learning journey, enjoy!

Activity 1: Bird Of The Year

The Bird I have chosen is the Kokako for my description.

A Kokako are found in both New Zealand Islands, but North island Kokako have blue wattle on both sides of there necks. Subspecies are found in the South island and they have orange wattles One of the first European settlers named the North Island bird the Blue Wattle Crow due to its Curiousity.

Kokako are forest birds they eat mixed Kauri and Podocarp despite the fact that their habitat includes shrub lands. Kokako are not at flying but there legs are very strong which allows them to make it through the forest very quickly. 

Kokako feed on leaves fruit and insects but Kokako can adapt on there diets as the food change when the Seasons do. Kokako eat fruit juicy berriers when it's Autum and Spring. When berriers and fruit aren't avalible they eat leaves and insects.

I think this bird is very amazing because it eats leave and that would be very useful to have this bird around when you have to rake up the leaves!

Activity 2: Flying Foxes

If I could have a super it would be the power to predict the future. I would like to have this super power because then I help save people from making sad choices, I would be able to know when something bad is about to happen like a car crash or a fire. Then again this might not be the best super power because people probably wouldn't believe you and stuff like that but I still like the idea of having to predict the future how about you!

Activity 3: Wind Beneath My Wings

Hope you enjoy I can't wait to do more blogging  come back tommorrow for more!


  1. Kia ora & Namaste Zaeeda,
    Being able to see the future it would be pretty special but also I think it would involved a lot of hard work as people from all around would come to you to ask for advise and that would be tiring, don't you agree?! Also, if you could prevent the future nobody will make mistakes right? However, there is an old saying about the fact that is by making mistakes that we learn the most. On the on other hand, you could prevent a lot of bad accidents and you could save many lives, that would be amazing! If I could have a special power it would be hmmm, probably flying also, just like Rachel, because it would be pretty cool to fly over the mountains and the sea and go to visit my friends and family around the world when I want.❣

    Activity 3: Wind Beneath My Wings: I really liked the work you done with this poster! I liked it because of the colours and images that you chosen to used as somehow the black background and the beige colour of the bats aligned with how the bast are and how they come out in the night, very thoughtful artwork!
    Keep up with your amazing work!
    Kia kaha,

  2. Kia Ora Zaeeda,

    You have been doing a wonderful job of the Summer Learning Journey this year. I did notice that you didn't put activity 1 into your own words. Could you please edit this post and redo activity 1 in your own words so that we can give you the full points for it?

    If you need any help feel free to email me:


    Sophie :)

    1. Hi Sophie

      Thanks for the comment. I did try and put the words into my own sentences and I have tried harder now I changed it up quite alot you can go through it. Are there any other post that I have to do?

      From Zaeeda

    2. Hi Zaeeda,

      Thanks for changing that up :)

      By the looks of it you have now completed all 60 of the Summer Learning Journey activities!

      Keep up the great blogging!

      Talk soon,

      Sophie :)