Friday, 21 July 2017

Back to School

Holiday Blogging 21

This trip are Aoateroa was amazing because we learnt all the hidden information about New Zealand. I also Liked this trip because of all the new place I have seen even though I Live in New Zealand  I still learned something. There only thing I found surprising was that Auckland has the most boats in the world. I loved everything about this trip.

Holiday Blogging 20

Here I am doing something relaxing reading is relaxing because when you get into the book it like you forget all your problems.

Holiday Blogging 19

Holiday Blogging 18

For this Activity I have to list the Kapa Haka from the All Blacks from best to worst.

I think that this Kapa Haka is the best.

I think that this Kapa Haka is the Second best.

And I think that this Kapa Haka might not have been there best work.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Holiday Blogging 17

For this Activity I have been asked to list 3 event from matariki.

1. There is the Kapa Haka
2. There is the fireworks
3. and lastly there is the kites

Holiday Blogging 16

Whats that island
I wonder what strange creatures live on the land

Wait what If do something that is band

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Holiday Blogging 14

Kate Sheppard do you know who she is? I do and I am about to tell you. I am telling you about this because I think that it is not if boys got to do something like have a day off work and girls didn't.

1. Kate Sheppard was born around March 10, 1847 AD, in Liverpool England.
she died at age 87 in Christchurch.

2. Kate Sheppard had a child named Douglas Sheppard. Douglas Sheppard died on 13 July 1934.

3. Kate Sheppard was famous because she was determined in the struggle to make New Zealand the first country in the whole world to let women the right to vote in Parliament.

4. Kate spent  her early years with her uncle who was the minister of the Free Church of Scotland as a result of which her religious declivity began from early age.


Holiday Blogging 15

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Holiday Blogging 13

We had just been left by our tour guide (Curious Kiwi) in the middle of a large bush. Luckily most of the tour group had read about this place well, we all got into groups of three each group had a elderly a toddler and a person that read about this place. Once we were all paired up we decided to carry on our tour and look for Curious Kiwi. We curiously walked along but didn’t go very far when we heard  the crackling of leaves. As we walked on we heard someone call HELP HELP Is was Curious Kiwi.  We hurried towards the sound being careful to stay together. After a while we saw a small clearing with a rocky cave we left five of the groups outside and the other four to go in the cave as we walked into the cave we saw a small glow starting to grow. Finally we saw Curious Kiwi head something in his hands is was a Kiwi and it was had a broken win. We got the other groups outside to come inside and help the Kiwi we got into groups the elders helped make a cast out of harakeke/ flax and the toddlers got sticks and stones to keep the fire alive and the others helped take care of the Kiwi everyone pitched in and helped the innocent Kiwi. By the time we finished it was midday so curious Kiwi carried on the tour and this time he didn’t disappear.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Holiday Blogging 12

Hector Dolphins.
Hector dolphins are the most smallest dolphins in the world they grow to be 1.5  metres. But sadly Hector dolphins are close to being extinct because more and more Hector dolphins die every year. Hector dolphins die by accidentally getting stuck into fishing nets and can't break free. People argue that fishermen should not be allowed to fish near or in Farewell spit. I think that fisher men shouldn't be allowed to fish near or in Farewell spit and if they do they should get fined at least over 200$ and if they still don't listen they might even have to go to court.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Holiday Blogging 11

The movie whale rider is about this girl who is young and her name was Paikea which is weird because I know someone called Paikea at my school. Anyways back to the summary Paikea wanted to learn about chiefdom in her tribe but there is a small problem it's  only for men. I know how she feels life is not fair sometimes Woooopppppssss I should really keep to the story. Anyway with the help of friend and Family she find that riding whale is Awesome. I rate this movie a 5

Image Attribution:

Friday, 14 July 2017

Holiday blogging 9

I have been asked to sign up on a website called Wild eyes on Wild eyes kids have to complete missions.  My mission was to make a giant Moa discovery here is my profile pretty funny right

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Holiday Blogging Activity 8

I think yes New Zealand should be predator free but I don't think we should kill the predators.

1. We shouldn't kill the predators because how would you like it if someone locked you up killed you.

2. Why do you want to kill them when you can just send them back  to Australia.

3. Even  if you try and kill them they will get smarter and will avoid your traps.


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Holiday blogging Activity 7

Name: Brown Kiwi

Eats: Insects preferably( native worms also found in new Zealand)

Natural habitat: A bush in the north Islands

Known Information:

Male brown Kiwi weigh up to 2.2 kg
Female brown kiwi weigh up to 2.8 kg
The brown kiwi is one of the most endangered species in New Zealand over to 2 million birds are endangered in New Zealand.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Friday, 7 July 2017


Wow what A great term I learnt a lot can wait till next term and What our teacher have planned for us this.

Narrative Writing

In Aotearoa there lived four chicken. They were wild chicken.
They lived in a deep dark bush. It is peaceful in the bush most of the time but there are builders that a building spa’s and community pools around the place like that.

You might not have noticed but the builder have been getting quite close to the chickens cave. Chika was getting a snack. BOOOOOOOOOOm.  ‘’ what was that said’’  Chika pulling a walnut from the hard mud.

Chika started to run towards the noise on the way she met her brother Rie.
A few moments later Tinka and Rinka saw her 2 twin sisters.  They came to a small clearing and saw what was happening. Every where bulldozers diggers truck people cutting down tree.

‘’What is going on’’ said Chika ‘’I don’t know’’ Rie replied. ‘’We know’’ interrupted the twins “ that are building a luxury spa for dogs and pets’’ said the twins.

DUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!! Yelled Rie “ duck where we are all chicken” replied Chika.  WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW !!!! Chika yelled as she stumbled to the ground. “ let’s get out of here” said Rie as he Jumped over the broken branch.

That night Chika had a talk with her family. “ we can’t live here anymore’’  said Chika ’’But then were can live’’ said Rie. ‘’I don't know’’ said Chika I GOT IT !!! Yelled Rie suddenly jumping to his feet ‘’ you got what’’ repeated Chika. ‘’ I got were we can live he grabbed a map from a bush nearby and showed the others.

The others agreed and they prepared for their travel. The next morning they set off to sea was mostly sunny with a bit of cloud. Soon it was afternoon and the chickens were exhausted.

“ I’m Beat” said Rie “ UUUUU SSSSSSSS TTTTTTTT OOOOOO” complained the twins. “Let’s eat and then hit the hay’’ said Chika. That night they all fell asleep all except Chika.

She lay awake on a stack of hay looking up at stars. “Beautiful night isn’t it” said a mysterious voice WWWHHHOOO IISS IIITT stamppered Chika It’s me replied the voice.

A few seconds later a figure appeared soon the figure was right next to her.
“I am oll black beard” said a joyful voice. When the figure stepped into the light of the moon the figure turned out to be a chicken excepted just liked Chika.

“ turn that frown up side down” said black beard, “why ya so dim! “ I don’t know” replied chika “ do you know how to drive the ship No that’s why I am sad.

“I can teach you how to navigate and to find food and sail on ship “okay what do I ow you” said chika “maybe some grub” said black beard.  Chika agreed and went to sleep.

For the last few day Chika got lessons about sailing and fed Black Beard. One clear afternoon Rie shouted “ LLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAANNNNNNNDDDDDDDD HHHHHHOOOO”
Chika looked not far over the horzion and saw some land.

“Prepare to lower the anchor” she Yelled to the rest. They were on dry land by nightfall.  In the morning chika had already woken up she was exploring the Island.

While she was exploring she had found a cave for her family. They moved in and lived happily ever after.

Problem solving

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Image Attribution

Kvasir at English Wikipedia [CC BY 2.5 (, GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Today Miss West taught us about image attribution so we can use picture from the web. We had used a picture from the web showing the sky tower.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Now That's Thinking

Zaeeda. Now that's thinking from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.\

This term the theme is Now that's Thinking and I have made animation based on how technology has changed and I have shown that using Sailing.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

America cup boats

This week we talked about the america cup boats. We talked about how they are same we even watched how it got built.


On Tuesday the 27 you might have known the extension group had a production. We all had apart to play. I was a scriptwriter a soloist and a actor. It was fun, scary and hard but in the end it was all worth. The Production was cool and a great experience. My Favourite highlight was doing the twist. Maybe Next time I could stay in tune when I did my solo. I also liked the ways every thing had come together like a puzzle. There were lot 's of thing to do there were script writers dancers set designers, light and sound people and costumes and makeup people. So as you can see it took a lot of work but in end it was fun.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Animation Voice Over

Hi My name is Zaeeda and I am going to show you how technology has changed over the years using sailing. I am also going to  show you some of the technology maori had before the Polynesian settlers arrived in New Zealand because our theme for this term is Now That’s Thinking. Did you know that boats are the most used water vehicles and have been around for thousand of years ?

Before the polynesian settlers arrived the maori used tree to make waka. The polynesian settlers arrived and brought their metal and printed cloth and tools. Nile boats were used instead of waka in other parts of the world. Nile boats were used to go down streams and the nile boat was carried by the currents and the wind.

After that there were the viking boats. Viking boats are much like boats we use today. Viking boats are thin sail boats because the hulls are thin but they have sails. The name viking means a pirate raid.
After that boat was invented the sailboat was invented it was used to go on far away lands and discover what lay beyond the sea. They also used big sail boats to ship objects from country to country. Humongous sail boats are used by pirates and far off travelers.

A few years later speed boats we invented they had engines and propellors to make them go super fast. By then there also was the nuclear power boats that were used by russians and a little bit of china. Did you know that new Zealand doesn’t let russia's boats that are nuclear powered in because they will pollute our waters.

By then all boats were made of metal and they had parts for boats in fatory’s and by then polltion was starting to become a problem and by then there also were planes and shops and lot’s of lollies and a lot of malls.

The End

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

What Happened to Miss West

‘’I’ve  just noticed what has happened to Miss West’’ said Zaeeda ‘’I don’t know’’ said Jedida ‘’ maybe she was captured by aliens because they wanted her to teach them and give them knowledge’’ added Roshaan ‘’                                       probably not’’ said Zaeeda.

‘’Why don’t we look for her’’ said Jedida  ‘’okay’’ replied Zaeeda ‘’ do you want to come Roshaan’’ said Jedida ‘’ maybe not my mum has to pick me up early for a doctor's appointment sorry I’d really like to come’’ said Roshaan.  

The bell rang for the start of school ‘’ I wonder who our teacher will be for the rest of the day ? asked Jedida ‘’  I don’t know’’ said Roshaan ‘’ we will have to find out’’ out said Zaeeda. The girls walked inside and found out there teacher for the rest of day.

The class had Mr Slade for the rest of the day. ‘’ We can look for Miss West at lunch time and make a plan at morning tea’’ said Zaeeda ‘’ that’s a great Idea ‘’ said Jedida.

They did there work until  the bell for morning tea rang. They rushed outside to make a plan at their secret hideout. They got to the hide out and saw that there was a message.

It had a couple of numbers.  9  1.13   23. 5. 18. 19 ‘’ what does that mean’’ ? asked Jedida a few second of silents. Then suddenly Zaeeda Shouted ‘’ I get it now’’
Jedida ‘’  I don’t get it one bit ‘’ replied Jedida scratching her head. The code say ‘’I am west’’ answered Zaeeda ‘’ I still don’t get it’’ said jedida .

‘’I think it means Miss West has gone to another country’’ said Zaeeda ‘’ or she was kidnapped Miss West would never leave our class without mentioning it’’ added Jedida. So if she went to another country in the west she went Romanian transylvania.

So that’s where we are going yep that the place. The bell rang for the end of recess rang  so they went to class. For the rest of the day they were silent. At home time Zaeeda realised it was the perfect time to set off to transylvania. They got to the airport and got on a plane too transilvania.

It took two days straight they were really excited when they landed. ‘’ I think we are here’’ said Zaeeda ‘’ this is so cool right I can’t believe that I am really here’’ said Jedida.

‘’Well back too work we have to find Miss West’’ said Zaeeda ‘’okay’’ replied Jedida. They left the airport and head for the tourist sites. They joined a tourist group and met a tour guide called Pablo he was going to take us to the most breathtaking and spooky sites in transylvania.

First they went to a abandoned house but it was actually home to thirteen ghosts. Then they went to a castle as they entered they heard thunder and the sound of a hundred people screaming from fright. Jedida and Zaeeda left the group and entered the castle. They heard a voice say 5x6=30.

‘’ It’s Miss West’’ said Zaeeda ‘’ what do we do? asked Jedida as a shiver came down her spine. ‘’Quick someone's coming ‘’ said Jedida ‘’let’s hide’’ said Zaeeda.  They hid behind a curtain and saw Miss West run through the hall.

‘’ Miss West’’ shouted Zaeeda ‘’ what doing here ? ‘’ we are here to save you’’ said Zaeeda. ‘’ what now ? we can’t make a run for it’’ said jedida ‘’we will have to get rid of them’’ said Zaeeda. ‘’ We  can you the sun’s rays and burn the vampires into dust.

The Zaeeda explained her plan to the rest of the group. ‘’ Okay ‘’ said Zaeeda ‘’Miss West your turn first’’. Miss West went back to the room she was teaching them. After a little while she took the vampires to the
court yard and there the sun’s rays hit the  vampires and in second the vampires were demolished.

Hoora the girls shouted hurrah then they ran to hug Miss West we better get you back to school then said Miss West ‘’Oh I have just noticed tomorrow is school’’ said Zaeeda  “I almost forgot “ said Jedida and with that the girls caught a plane back to New Zealand.

And that is my version of what happened two Miss West and in case you're wondering they returned home safely and the vampires that turned into dust were taken and put in a jar and the jar was put in a old attic.


Friday, 26 May 2017

Brief development

Why we are making land boats

We are designing a land boat for the purpose of competing in our class land boat race. Room 10 are making boats because our focus for this term is what kind of resources maori had before that pakeha came to New Zealand. We are also learning technology behind  boats like the knots and the navigation methods.  One of the transports maori had was a waka and a canoe because they used new Zealand waters like a road it is used everyday.

What we do before we start building
Since we are going to be designing a land boat we needed a plan. Lucky Miss West was One step ahead and made us a brief development. A brief development is  a plan and you write down your ideas. Most people use brief developments when they are going to build something. We had to write own things we need and what the objects were for.

What is in our plan

In our brief development there should be  three things. First you have to write what and why you are building the object. Second you have two write what it will have and what the things are for example the wheels the wheels are there to make them move. Third you have two write your wish list a.k.a  the things you need.

May 26, 2017 10:49:57 AM.jpg

Aotearoa News

Monday, 15 May 2017

Mothers Day

Problem Solving

Coin Catching Challenge

Wow!!! That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to do that once more. This morning we did something superb. Room ten literacy went out on the senior hard court and an experience. Room Ten literacy experienced what it is like to do the catching a coin challenge.  

We walked outside in the raw weather and we sat in a round circle on the hardcourt. The seniors were learning and creating and sharing in their classrooms. I Listened as the wind howled past the Buildings. I watched as the iciness crawled up my feet. I wished I had brought my jumper. In silence I waited for Miss West to give  me some clear intructions. then she spoke.

Before we started  Miss West showed us how we were supost to do it but it looked difficult because the people that snuck counters out before we started couldn’t do it. With the wind forcibly blowing against my face my heart pounding, as I grabbed the coin from  Miss West.

Struggling to place the counter on my elbow convincingly did it. With all my tenacity I through the coin into the air my heart starting to calm down I reached my arm out and Caught the coin ……….

For a few seconds I fell silent in miracle I had done it. My mind started get filled with bliss. I quickly shot my hand up in the air to get another coin. I tell my friend that I got it in the first go my friend couldn’t even Believe it either.

Palpitate came down my spine as I got handed the coin from Miss West as I murmured to myself ‘’hocus focus’’. I repeated it and repeated it until I was presumptuous enough.

Then I gathered all my strength and once again through the coins into the air as the wind blew the coin into my hand I watched in traumatism as the coins landed safely on my hand.

I stood there as the wind frostily whirled past me pulling my hair back. After A minute of quiescent I flicked into action and raced to my teacher for another coin.

Before Miss West handed me the coin she yelled to the other kids “ 2 MORE MINUTES”  I got back to my spot and BALM !! I caught it again. I remarked something while I was catching the coins. I wasn’t nervous. The  nerve-racking noise in my head was gone.

Every time I caught a coin I gained more confidence. I got up to seven coins before we had to finish up. We came and sat on the hard court. The we waited for our instructions.

First Miss West said well done. Then she asked us if we could honestly say that we did not cheat. We had a few people own up which made me happy. But A tiny group of people didn’t own up.

This experience was a valuable lesson. I didn’t really like this experience in the beginning but it was kind of fun in the end.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Smart Shoe

On Monday Miss West showed us some new technology. She said that we had to predict what it was. Miss west said that we had to partner up and talk about what it might be. It was really loud because Miss West said that we could be as creative as possible.

I think that the object is made of steel because at the bottom there is a silver kind of material that looks like it will sparkle in the sun like steal. If you have the object you can tell if it is steal because it will be really heavy. The product can also be made of rubber because most shoe looking objects are made of rubber.  This product can also be made of waterproof material like leather I know some people think that leather isn’t waterproof but it depends on how it is treated. Untreated leather will just take in the water and will not rot or change.

Well everything is made for a purpose and the product must have a purpose because if the object doesn’t have a purpose why was it created. I think that this product was created because someone was sick of buying expensive massage machines that aren’t fit for their purpose so they made there own massage machine. The product might’ve also been created because someone that had a broken leg said ‘’ when I had a broken leg it took too long to heal. So  then the person got to work and made a cast that healed your leg from any kind of injury. I think that the product it powered by rubbish.

Wow I had know Idea! Guess what we watched a video and it turn out that the product is a smart shoe it was really surprising because I thought it was something way different. Whoever invented the smart shoe is a genius. The smart shoe is connected to your phone and smartwatch if you have small feet you don’t have to worry about the size because it has self lacing and it to make it fit your feet. The smartphone tells you where the person wearing the shoe’s is and how many steps the person has taken. The smart shoe also has heating to give your feet warmness. The smart  shoe also tells you your body weight and your height.

I think that this product is a good Idea because if people have been told to do a amount of steps then you can use the smart shoe to count your Ideas. In the future people might use this product for useful things.

Maori Resources

This term Maugakiekie read some texts and made a padlet about what we learnt.

Made with Padlet

Friday, 5 May 2017

Immersion Assembly Recount

Now that’s ‘’ This is going to be a momentous term I can’t wait to get started’’ ‘’yeah me to I am going to try and finish my work early so I can try new things’’ ‘’immersion Assembly was so cool’’.  

Finding out what theme pes had for term 2
On monday the first of May Pt England had their first day back at school. Everyone was dying to know what the Theme was for PES’s term 2. Then at 9.00 am the children of Pt england found out what the theme for term 2 at pt england school was. The theme for pes’s term 2 was NOW THAT’S THINKING!!!!

How we felt about our theme
At first I thought that the term was going to be boring and about a ton of research. But then when we saw what the other teams were doing and it got way more interesting. In team 4 I thought that we were going to be looking at how things were made and what kind of things were put in to make things which kind of sounded boring to me.

What I thought know that’s thinking means

When I heard our theme the first thing that came to my mind was all the people who had to think hard about creating. But in team 4 this term we are looking at what the kind of tools and sources the moari had before pakaha came to New Zealand.

What we have learned so far  
So far in room 10 litericy we have learned that one of the sources that moari had before pakaha came to New Zealand was plants moari often used plants for things like medications and hand cream and they also used flax to make clothes. Another source that maori used was plant fibres. Moari use plant fibres to make paper.

What I am most interested to learn about

The thing that I want to learn about is why things were made because every thing was made for a reason. For example phones were made for a reason a phone was made because it was hard to write to each other. Another example would be why hair ties were invented because some one probably said ‘’I have to find a way to keep my hair back but long.

What I think of this term

Well I think that this term is going to be really cool because we are already thinking of making something in team 4 we are going to be making waka. I can’t wait to share more of this term with you. It is going to be much so fun.