Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Cross Country

This Monday we had our annual, school cross country. It was really fun and we all tried our best. Our house chants were pretty awesome too. Read on to find out more!

I remember when the bell rang and we all lined up. Walking to our big hard court in front of the field. We sat down at our spots as hundreds of students flooded the hard court. Wearing either red, green, yellow or blue our house colors. Their were many people dressed up and 8-10 students that weren't even from our school!

I didn't realise it but pretty soon it was our turn. We stood in front of the start line and my heart was already beating, On your marks....get set.....go! We all started running at full speed and already people we speeding ahead whilst other were falling behind it was a real thrill. My heart continued to beat really fast but the reason behind it changed pretty quickly.

It was long till I was covered in mostly mud. The field and reserve was quite muddy so we weren't in the best conditions. We didn't mind as this was the whole cross country experience. It's like this every cross country!

I was pretty puffed and the second lap hadn't even started yet. I was only about 3 qauters of the way but when I ran through the gate to my second lap I had a burst of energy. The staff and teachers, that cheered us on made me feel really happy. I imagined walking and skipping down what they called the cat walk and even shot them a pose. After that I sprinted most of the way.

The second lap was pretty much that same along the way I met a friend that's pace was very similar to mine. It was Marie we were joined by more people and pretty soon we were a groups. We finished most of the lap together. It's what we called TEAM WORK!

When we got close to the gate some of us started sprinting and it was suprise. Marie and Mata were left behind it was me and Lepisi spriting for the win at the end. It was a close cut and we ended in a draw. We crossed the finish line together. I was quite amazing!

Finishing the race, I was greeted by my friends but I was to tired to respond. I only grabbed a bottle of water and chugged the whole thing down immediately. Then I talked to my friends and the places we came. Marika came 3rd, Tha-zin came 4th and I came somewhere between 10th-15th. 

When we had finsihed me and Tha-zin waited and cheered on Jedida and Rozaidah as they finsihed the race. I was so happy and proud of them.  We all bunched up and had ton of talking to do about the race and whose coming first and what not. I was so sad when it was over but I was also happy, because I participated. I was really really TIRED after that I couldn't feel my legs and I still can't.

Moral of the story, their really isn't one but if I  had to make one up. TRY YOUR BEST! like I did in the 2019 Pt England School CROSS COUNTRY!

Monday, 16 September 2019

What Is Purpose Of School???

Why do parents send us too school. Is it cause they don't want us in the house, or do they think going to school is compulsory? Well here are three reasons why parents send their children to school.

Firstly adult think that sending, their children to school will help them socialise. They will think that sending you to school, will help you make friends and close colleagues. For example when being home schooled you academics will raise 18% but you will not be social as you will most likely learn by yourself.

Secondly adults expect you to learn from your mistakes and will most likely think that those mistakes are made at school. They are quite right, at school you will learn to gain and lose friends and you learn to add and subtracts. Learning more about human feelings and about literacy and math.

Thirdly adults think that when your in school you will get more opportunities for your life career. Because schools want you to get a good job and enjoy your life so they, try and get as many oppurtinuties for their students as possible. For example, I have associated with the eels and because of this I have met many people and had lots of oppurtinuty to meet and learn from different places.

So in conclusion I think that school is important and we all need school. However I do think it has it's up and downs. Overall I do enjoy school and think that at some point we should all have a school experience.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Technology affecting Student???

Technology has changed rapidly in the last few years, but how has it affected students everyday lives? Well there are many answers to their questions, to many to count actually. I have come on with 2 good and bad reasons technology changing has affected student lives.

The first pro is the changes made to technology gives students more resources to learn from. When doing research nowadays, students wouldn’t have to look for different books and go to different places like before. This is because, thanks to the internet, your questions are answered with a simple search. For example researching this very topic I went to different sites and asked various questions, each being answered with a single search and click!

The second pro is changing technology helps students as they can at their own pace, and pretty much anytime they like. Many students work at faster and slower paces, this use to be a problem because students can’t find the right material and research sources, but thanks to Technology changing in classrooms that has changed. A fair example of this is when I study at home, my study pace is not typically average, but I have a problem where I like to do many jobs and clubs at school. Doing these things, sometimes affects the amount of time I spend in a classroom doing my work.  Like I said before because of  technology I can do my work at home, the library, at relatives houses and many other places.

So those are the two good reasons, now let’s look at the down side to this. The first con of technology changing  in classrooms is it minimises social interactions. Meaning, that student may talk to each other less as they will be continuously engaged in their devices. This may be a good thing but as  I see, kid not talking in classrooms. Well that’s not normal is it. I can prove this statement as when I am on my chromebook at school I don’t have to urge to tap the shoulder of the person sitting next to me and start a conversation on any topic possible.

The second con is being on a device can be distracting. You always have the thought of what’s the answer to this or I wonder what’s happening over there. It takes a second to click on to another sight or do a search on something that’s not school work. This also may lead to things like scams and other nonsense that can be found online. I can prove this because sometimes even when we are on task a question will be said and I will HAVE TO google it and find the answer. Even if it’s not related to me, just look at my history!

So, in conclusion, both sides of the argument are reasonable. I can’t seem to choose a side, so I guess this leaves it up to you. What do you think? Is technology changing affect students?

What Is A Cell?

This week we learnt about cells. Different type of cells what's inside a cell and what a cell even is. One thing that I found interesting what that it's very similar to the human body and how it all works together on one task. Making things go!

This plays a huge part in our inquiry this term. We are diving deep into learning about cells and organs and all these different types of things. I remember in the begin of term when the teachers when on stage at immersion assemble and sang a sound about cells and nuclues and choromosomes. I didn't have the slightest Idea of what they were talking about. But now I can explain it all in detail!

Perfect Patterns

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Nervous System

This week we learned about how the Nervous system works. We mainly focused on neurons or nerve cells. We learnt about this through watching 3 very informing videos and so we have linked them in this presentation. Enjoy!