Monday, 20 August 2018

In and out the window

Walt: Think from the perspective of characters in the story.
Task Description: This we had to read a task and then record ourselves reading the book. Once we had finished we had to think about the story and give the book a reveiw. This task was really fun and I hope to do it again soon. ENJOY!

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Rubbish Pick Up

Walt: structure a recount

EWW my hands are still sticky from today’s experience. This morning room 7 went outside to have a fun rubbish pick up. Has your class ever had to pick up rubbish?

One of the first things we did was line up in the porch outside. Some people struggled to put on their shoes, While other happily chatted with there friends. I kept telling myself that I should have listened to my mum last night and gone to sleep. We walked over to the reserve, on the way I kept getting grass stuck to my feet. We all stood on the field in silence listening to Mr Goodwin’s instructions. We into five groups of five but some groups had extra, in my group I had Tha-zin, Benjamin, Marie and Caleb. Even though I was tired I was excited to be off school grounds, we looked for our boundaries and scanned the area for rubbish.

It felt like my feet wouldn’t move at all they were wet and cold and had grass everywhere I finally saw a piece of rubbish hidden deep under a bush and dashed off to get it. We also had to be careful for glass and and sharp objects. We finished three rounds and our bags didn’t seem as full as the other groups, I could tell my group was getting worried. The last two rounds weren’t like the other rounds because instead of the reserve we were picking up rubbish on our school field. once we were all on the field we looked around and we all dashed off to pick up the rubbish. We ran up and down the field picking up any rubbish in sight, yes it was INSANE!

We heard the Mr Goodwin’s whistle which was our signal to run to him. We rushed over and lined up in our groups, once all the groups had settled it was time to find out who had the most rubbish. Miss Haare was our judge. She had a look at all our bags the funny part was when they pulled out some bark from my friend’s group’s bag. Once she checked all the bags it was pretty obvious who had won it was Zamera’s group. The winners got ten minutes on Cool Maths Games at any time of the day. I didn’t think the prize was that good but my group wanted to get it and it was for a good cause so I decided to have fun.

I think that this was a enjoyable way to help the environment and to spend time with your friends. My overall thoughts about this is that a yucky job can be fun when you do it together. We had a Great time doing this and I hope we do this again soon. I recommend you try doing this because you will have fun and do something for a good cause.

Task Description: This Week we went out and did a rubbish pick together as a class. We picked rubbish up on the reserve and then we had to pick up rubbish on our school field. I enjoyed this and I have written a recount about it. ENJOY!

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

A Healthy Life style

Walt:look for the hidden meaning in the text.
Task Description: For this Task we had to create a timetable for a fit kiwi kid. We also had to write why it is important too be fit and healthy. We also read some text about how fitness helps out brain and part of our body, this task was not that hard and I enjoyed it.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Whoah That's Fast

Walt: Solve problems with multiple elements.
Task Description: This week we learnt about calcutlating speed. I learnt the formula to calculate speed this was a pretty easy task but took some thinking. Here is the gold Medal problems I hope you enjoyed this is has amazing working that is pretty hard to explain. Enjoy

How Fast Is That

Walt:solve problems with multiple elements.
Task Description: This week we are learnt about calcutaltin speed. I learnt the forumla to calutelate speed and it wasn't that difficult. I hope you enjoy my Presenation and I hope we are doing more in the future.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Write The Scene

Walt: think about dialogue between characters
Task Description: This week we learn't about dialouge. A dialogue was is the conversation between to character we also had to write a script. Once we had finished writing the scripted we got a buddy and acted it out in front of the class. Enjoy !