Thursday, 21 March 2019

Moriori: A Story of survival Reading task

Moriori A Story Of Survival

This week we read a book about survival. We learn about two Maori Iwi that went and took over the Moriori's land after they nursed and took care of them. There were sealers and whalers that came and took most of there resources and they had to recover from that to. When Moriori lost there land they lost everything Family members, Treasures, and much more. When they were killed they were either buried with or without there treasure and some people look for them to this day.

Multiculuture Diversity

Reconnecting The Brain

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Writer's Notebook

What Makes A Good Superhero

I want to be a good superhero when I am older but how can I be a good superhero. Do you know what makes a good superhero. No, well in this piece of writing right here I will be giving you 3 things that make a good superhero so stay tuned.

The First step to becoming a good superhero is by risking you own life to help other. Imagine a cat is stuck up in a tree branch that is about to break. Instead of waiting for the fire department, you climb up a ladder and sit on the tree branch to save the cat. That’s what I call a superhero.

Secondly I would like to point out that a good superhero won’t save people or do good things for the fame. I mean even though lots of people would want your autograph and have you on magazine covers and do photo shoots but a good superhero would know better and denied it. If I was a superhero I wouldn’t do it for the fame I would do it to help people and make the world a better place.

Lastly I would like to say that a good superhero always has a superhero sidekick and a superhero team. A good super isn’t afraid to admit there wrong and ask for help that’s kinda what make them so super special. For example when you have no clue of what to do ask people for help and maybe they have a plan and you could consider their ideas at time too.

So there you have 3 different way on how to be or become a good superhero. These three easy things are good to keep on you mind even if you are not a superhero you could help anyone in your very own everyday life. I for one think that we are all are superhero.

Monday, 18 March 2019

My Favourite Food

Pizza would be great right about now, actually pizza is good anytime. Well I don’t know about you but pizza is my nickname. I love pizza dessert pizza hawaiian pizza my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Firstly I would like to say that pizza is delicious every human being I know would agree with it. Pizza can have dairy from the cheese vegetables from the sauce and sometimes pineapple carbs from the bread and protein if you have meat on it. As you can see this has almost everything on the food table so I would say that pizza is on your balanced diet.

Secondly pizza can come with anything you want. It’s a classic italian food and comes with many different toppings. One things that I would say is pretty interest are dessert pizza. They come will chocolate sauce marshmallows and lollies you want. I would say it’s so sweet you could get cavities just looking at them.

Finally I would like to say that Pizza is a dish that you can have if your on the go or at a party. You can have it for lunch or for dinner, and it’s a great dish to share. I mean imagine you have to make a dish for a family dinner and it’s too late to go by some chicken just go and pick up some pizza on the way home.

So there you have, as you can see from the paragraphs above I know my pizza so take it from PIZZA IS DELICIOUS. Whether they give you cavities our is to spices pizza is a weird different thing. I hope you enjoyed!