Monday, 18 February 2019

My Visual Mihi

Hello viewer it hasn't been long since school has started and today I am sharing with you my D.L.O. It's called a Visual Mihi we have been working on it during class, and here is my finished product.

 I one the left and top I have put the New Zealand flag because that's where I was born and where I live right now. I have put a picture of a landscape that says #LOVE TAUPO because my family loves going to Taupo and have been there many times plus that place it a tourist trap and I love traveling. On the bottom right I have put a picture of me and my mum and me and my dad because I love snap chat and I love my parents I also like the photo. On the top right I have a picture of popcorn because I love the movies and I have blogging because enjoy posting on my blog I have also put youtube and Mc Donalds because I love watching youtube and eating Mc Donalds. So that it my visual mihi I hope you enjoyed learning about me and I will have fun sharing my learning on my blog this year!

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