Tuesday, 29 January 2019

My Garden


  1. Hey Zaeeda!

    It's so awesome to see you back and blogging, you truly are awesome!
    I loved seeing what was in your garden, it really inspired me to get into gardening as well. I really like that your garden has curry leaves and limes! You can make some really nice dishes with these two ingredients!
    If you could plant something what would you plant?

    The team from the Summer Learning Journey are so pleased with the effort you put into your blog, we really can't wait to see what you bring to the table next summer!

    Nga mihi,
    Georgia E (Summer Learning Journey)

    1. Hi Georgia

      Thanks for the comment. I enjoy blogging I like how have new post on your blog look I love being organized and busy and this summer blogging is how I have stayed busy. Today me and my mum planted some capcium!

      If I could plant something in my garden it would be veges and I think it would be something easy to look after so when your away your plants are still okay.

      From Zaeeda