Thursday, 3 January 2019


Hello there and welcome back to another beautiful of the Summer Learning Journey.

Activity 1: Like a Scene Out of a Movie

uminous in the dark
magine it move and coming to life
lowing with warmth to fill us with joy
appily shining along
o much to handle to bright

hine bright shine light your the first light I see tonight

Activity 2: The Seven Sisters

The book was about a moari man who could take a shape of a bird, his name was Mitai. He had brother and enjoy evadropping on there conversations. His Brother we also the most handsome men in the village. One day Mitai and his brothers went hunting and on there way they heard beautiful singing. The singing lead to some beautiful           women with beautiful golden hair, the brother
 immediately fell in love with the women and took them back to get married. A few days later all the brother had grown week and looked like flesh and bones they went hunting and on of the brother had come back too check on his wife but they were there all of them. It turns out they had the power to become  from another tribe and they were gonna starve the brother and they were just trying to find a way come back to the village. But the brothers and Mitai hatched a plan they got some magical net which they gave to the gods and the women became the 7 stars of matariki.

Activity 3: Crazy Cool Clouds

The picture I picked is picture 2. I think the cloud looks like a spinning top or a tournado but it does look kind of weird because there aren't many clouds around it. It's also blocking out the sun so the town below would probably think there about get rain. The cloud reminds me of an early morning walk!

So that's all for today I hope you enjoyed see you next time!


  1. Hey there Zaeeda, my name is Billy and I am from the Summer Learning Journey team.
    I am so impressed with the quality of your work. You've made a terrific effort these summer holidays with the SLJ activities. I hope you keep it up throughout January!

    I really enjoyed reading your acrostic poem for LIGHTS. I like that you didn't just put one word next to each letter but you wrote a few words with lots of rhyming words and adjectives.

    Do you enjoy writing poetry? What other kinds of poems do you like to write?

    Would you be able to write another acrostic poem for NEW YEAR?

    Thanks, Billy.

  2. Hi Billy

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. I can't wait to do another post. I don't think I am the best at poetry but I enjoy experimenting with my words. I enjoy writing poems in my free time I have written a few on the last few days of term at school last year.

    I also like to learn tougue twisters I can do the peter piper tougue twister and the wood chuck tougue twister.

    Kind Regards

  3. Good afternoon Zaeeda,

    Another fabulous post I see. I would have to agree with Billy that your poem has lots of rhyming words and adjectives which made it super interesting to read! It is a well-written poem. Tino pai ⭐

    I also enjoyed reading your summary of 'The Seven Stars of Matariki'. It is great to see you using your own words to paraphrase the story. You are right that Mitai and his brother enjoyed eavesdropping on the sisters' conversation. That's how it all started! Did you ever come across this story at school? If so, what sort of activities did you do around it? I remember using this book in a year 7/8 class and we made a jigsaw art piece! It was done to celebrate the Maori New Year.

    The cloud you've chosen indeed looks like a tornado! I was thinking that it somehow resembles the shape of a UFO - what do you think? Do you usually like to stare at the sky and let your imagination flow? I love to look at the sky when there are clouds that look like brush strokes. It is beautiful during sunset too.

    Have an awesome week and I'll blog ya soon!

    From Susie