Tuesday, 8 January 2019


Welcome back to another day of the summer learning journey, let's get started!

Activity 1: Fly Fox

If I had to the chance to go ziplining in Rotorua I would feel so lucky because I know that rotorua is a beatiful place and has alot of outdoor activities and you and you family would love to enjoy in the summer. I would also feel my stomach has very very fluttery butterflies in it because I have never ziplined before and I am a little afraid of heights!

Activity 2: A Protective Plant 

If I  had to list ten thing that I would plant in my garden it would be 

1. cherry Guava     6. Lettuce

2. Watermelon      7. Esparagus

3. Coriander          8. Silver beet

4. Strawberry        9. Betroot

5.Cumbern            10. Tomato  

Activity 3: A House Not A Home

The project I picked was the Lansan Trees in the Caribbeans. I picked this one we have used Lansan tree for many reasons and if anything has happened to them I want to know about it and see if I help in anyway. Apparently this speices of trees are close to extinction and we need to look after them, we are losing them dew to derforestation and in my earlier posts I have talked about how I fell about deforestation!

So that is all for today I hope you enjoyed and I can't wat to post again tommorrow!

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  1. Hi Zaeeda,

    I would like to go ziplining too, but I agree, it would be a teeny bit scary! Still, I think I would rather do that than go sky diving or bungee jumping! It must be an amazing view of the forest, way up in the canopy.

    What is a cherry guava? I love guava, so I think I'd probably like cherry guava too! Do you use some of those plants in your cooking? I LOVE coriander, though some people hate the taste! I love using coriander, tomato and lime together when I am cooking fish tacos. Yum!

    I am going to go back and find some of your posts about deforestation now as I am interested in what you have written.

    Great work Zaeeda!

    From Ms Nalder