Wednesday, 9 January 2019


Dear Reader welcome back to another day of the summer learning journey, Enjoy!

Activity 1:Predator Free 2050 – A Call to Arms

Out of the three vidoes I watched I picked the first video. I picked this video because they are working to protect our native birds and wildlife from predetors such as possums and Stoats. I also like this video because they are actually using engineering and technology too catch the predators, I have always like the idea of engineering at school I am in this robotics thing and we are trying to help our pollution problem by engineering with actual engineers from fisher and paykel healthcare. Another reason I like this video because they are not using poison and dropping them in the bushes because this was on the News a while a go they were dropping 1080 in the bushed which is irresponsible and dangerous, it's also pretty harsh on the predators it not there fault it in there nature!

Activity 2: Protecting the Most Vulnerable - Fact or Fiction?

I have created a small quiz you have to pick which statements are true and false!

1. Maui dolphins are almost are super close to extinction
2. Maui dolphins are found all over the world
3. There use to be about 1500 maui dolphins in 1970
4. Maui Dolphins eat seaweed from the ocean floor
5. Female Maui Dolphins are can grow up to 1.7 metres and weigh up to 50 kgs
6. Maui Dolphins population can grow very easily

Activity 3: The Power of Ten

If I could save 10 animals or plants it would be these

1. Maui Dolphin
2. Long Finned Eels
3. Koalas
4. Kiwi
5. pandas
6. Asian Elephant
7. Great Barrier Reef
8. Te Kouk
9. New Zealand Fern
10. Venus Flytrap

That's all for today and there is still to more days of the summer learning journey but I will still post after the summer learning journey just not as often! Enjoy!


  1. Hi Zaeeda,

    I'm interested in this robotics group you are in at school - is that with Mr Vogt? What a great opportunity. Being an engineer would be such a cool job!

    There is a lot of news about dropping 1080 poison. Why do you think this is irresponsible and dangerous? People have very different views about this - some people agree with you and think that it is terrible to be using 1080 poison. They have even tried to sabotage DOC helicopters that are dropping the poison. However, some people think that it is safe to use 1080 and it is a good and efficient way to control the pests. What do you think?

    Hmmm tricky to decide which statements about the Maui Dolphin and true and which are false! I think 1, 3 and 5 are true, and 2, 4, and 6 are false - is that right?

    I love the pictures you have drawn - these look like they were done on Hyperstudio, but you have done them at home haven't you? What programme did you use to draw them?

    How cool that you would save the Great Barrier Reef - what a good choice. I have never visited it, but I hear that it is absolutely stunning. I would love to go diving there. I'm sad that it is in danger of being destroyed.

    Best wishes,
    Ms Nalder

  2. Hey Zaeeda!

    What a amazing post you have here. I liked how you used your own photo's for each task which is one thing that I never see many people do so good on you! I loved the choice you made on saving the Great Barrier Reef! I've never seen anyone thing of that plant(s). You have really thought through each activity Zaeeda which is great. Keep it up!