Friday, 4 January 2019


Welcome to another wonderful day of the summer learning journey, Hope you enjoy!

Activity 1: Persistent pollution

Climage lead to a rising of temprature which then cause air pollution too and that means we have to deal with three problems that will just keep getting worse.

I also learnt thar smog is a type of air pollution and air pollution is made from both natural problems like volcanic eruptions and fire but mostly from human activity.

Smog is a serious type of air pollution and can cause serious damage to us and the enviroment. There a 2 type of smog we get it sulfurous smog when we burn fossil fuel into coal, photochemical smog come from car factories and powerplants.

Activity 2: Let it rain
A few things I do when it's raining is play board games with my sister even though she always wants to win it's still fun. Another thing I like to do when it rains is help mum do some cooking we help by chopping the ingredients for the salad it's really nice. I also like to watch a nice movie and eat some popcorn. When it rains I also like to sort out my wardrobe and clean out my room and stuff like that. But when it doesn't rain very hard I like to take a walk in the rain.

Activity 3: Let It Rain

A few days ago it seemed beautiful outside or the plants had life and were happy, but now all that has changed. Yesterday I knew there would be rain at some point but I didn't know that it was gonna be this serious. This morning I woke up had a pretty normal morning but as soon as I walked outside my mouth feel wide open. I was shocked every thing look lifeless I didn't know what to do. I called my family outside and I saw the same reaction. There was nothing in sight for miles we saw the same reaction came from our neighbours. We turned on the tv to the News and saw that it was all over New Zeland. A few of us paniced and my mum called her friends and family from other countries to see if there ok too! I was still shocked and was hoping this was all a bad dream!

That's all for the Summer Learning Journey, my next post will me next week Enjoy


  1. Hey Zaeeda,

    What a interesting post you have here! I like how you have drawn or created your own posts which is really fantastic. It seems that air pollution has been getting pretty bad these days. I was in shock when you explained that there are three problems that will just keep getting worse. Do you think that there is a chance that we can use to cure this situation? Thanks for sharing this post Zaeeda. Keep it up!


  2. Hi Zaeeda,

    Is that Alisha or Zaria who always likes to win when you play board games?! I like to sort my wardrobe and have a big clear out every now and again. That's a good idea to do it on a rainy day. It makes you feel good when you have less clutter!

    That's a vivid description about what it might be like after acid rain has fallen. It's hard to imagine, but I'm sure it would be very upsetting and scary. I like some of the vocabulary you have used - reaction, mouth fell wide open, shocked. Remember that "gonna" actually means "going to" which is what we use when we are writing.

    From Ms Nalder