Monday, 7 January 2019


Hello welcome back to another day of the summer learning journey I hope you enjoy!

Activity 1: World of Wearble (Wow) Art

I think that a world of wearble are would be very cool and unique and it can come in many different forms. If I could ask Dame Suzie Moncrieff 5 qeustions it would be

1. What inspired you to use reused materials for your fashion

2. When did you start designing

3. What are you looking forward to doing in the future

4. Was it tricky using reusable materials for you fashion

5. Are you looking forward

Activity 2: Guardians Of The Sea

I don't mean to be disrespecful or anything but I don't think that taniwha actually exist because it would be unlikely for it to live in the waikato river as it is polluted and it's a legend which also reffered to as a fairy tale. I think that this kind of thing is something that only you can decided on if you think that taniwha exist then too you they do exsit but to me they don't.

Activity 3: The Sky in Shanghai

Being in Bejing would really be something
it sometimes makes me nervous 
That this place needs some service
as the air is too polluted and is not suited for us
I do feel sad for the people as it shouldn't be legal 
 Pollute the air any longer 
 and the problem will only get stronger!

That's all for today I hope you enojoyed tune in again tommorrow for another post!


  1. Wow Zaeeda, I enjoyed every word of your post! The poem was very well crafted and I liked how your rhyming wasn't exact or only restricted to the end of the words or lines - "polluuuuted" and "suuuited" - it makes a nice beat in my head. Who is Dame Suzie Moncrieff?

  2. Hi Nicola

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. Dame Suzie Moncrieff is a fashion designer. But she is a better fashion designer than others because she use recycled material for her creations. She makes what we call a world of wearable art!

    From Zaeeda

  3. Kia ora Zaeeda,

    I agree with you, I think It would be very unique if we lived in a world where everyone had to wear items that were from reused materials. Imagine the positive impact it would have on the environment, as we wouldn’t be creating new materials all the time! I really like your question ‘What inspired you to use reused materials for your fashion?’ I think she would have a interesting reply to why and how it started!

    That is a fair point, thank you for sharing your opinion on if you believe the taniwha exists or not, it is important to express your opinions as you can gain confidence in yourself! Did you know that 95% of the ocean is unexplored? This is because it is so deep and so wide. That means that we don’t actually know what’s in the deepest and darkest parts of the water. Do you think there are sea animals that we haven’t discovered yet?
    I wonder what the Maori people did see that made them think it was a Taniwha? Because they must of seen something? What do you think?

    I agree with Nicola, I too enjoyed every word of your post about ‘The sky in Shanghai’! I like the last line ‘pollute the air any longer and the problem will only get stronger’! That is a awesome play on words, but it also gets your strong point out. I also love the picture you paired it with! You are so creative!

    Blog you later!
    Georgia E