Wednesday, 10 June 2020

~Vampire Lover~

Death is easy, life is harder.

My mother had just her second divource. She now planned on traveling so I'm going to Forks, too spend summer with my dad. I don’t know what to expect, but this will be a good thing. I hope.

We had been and left the airport. Thus leaving us to an awkward drive home. Our endeavours to start a conversation, failed miserably with short answers. Neither one of us had ever been one to talk, we were the suffer in silence type.

After what felt like forever we arrived home. I used to spend weeks here when I was 12. But it’s 5 years since I’ve been back. It looks as though no time at all has passed. I The same dead tree, lying in the yard, the same blue roof and white walls. I walked into my childhood bedroom. Yup exactly the way I left it!

“ The women at the store helped me pick things out, blue okay with you right?” Chandler said in the most awkward voice possible.

“Yeah blues cool” I replied. I tried to make an attempt to not say something stupid, but it’s as if we’re strangers now.

The next day it was time to face the biggest challenge HIGH SCHOOL. Things  were different in New Orleans. It was a tourist city, and highschools were full of different diversities. Here in Forks, it all one big crowd of people split into smaller groups.

I had made it that far to where I thought the office was when someone placed a hand on my shoulder. “Hi can I help you?” It was a cheerful, brunette girl. She wore a mini skirt, pink heels and carried a small clutch bag. 

I looked around wonder who she was talking to “Uhh, yeah where’s you school office” I said sheepishly

“It's straight down here three doors on the left,” she answered.

“Thanks,” I proceed to walk toward the door, not having a second thought about her. I guess she found it insulting. She flipped her hair and scurried away to who knows where.

I got my schedule and entered my first class, history. I never use text books and essays but I’m trying to keep a low profile here. I took a deep breath before entering the class when I saw what looked like an angel.

Pale white skin, blonde hair, he was quite muscular. He had blue eyes and freckles. I entered a dream land when I saw him but it was cut short, by the somewhat obnoxious voice of my teacher.

“Please take a seat, or are you planning to stand there the entire lesson” she stated, not bothering to move her eyes from her book.

“Sorry” I said, hurrying to a seat. This was going to be a long day.

After school, I headed straight for my car, when I was stopped by a bunch of “jocks”. They claimed to have intentions of wanting to recruit me for the football team. I rejected their offer stating that I was there for a short period of time.

When I got home another surprise awaited me. It turned out Esme, my dad's mate and his son who is none other than the angel from earlier. They had come over for the baseball game, I guess it was a thing my dad did. He said that me and Esme’s son could get acquainted. I was more than happy to do that.

“Hi, I’m Jake” I said

“Ello luv, I’m Joshua” he said in the most british accent ever.

We chatted for a while, and this is what I learnt about him. He’s bi, had a girlfriend once when he was in alaska but they parted ways after she started seeing other people. I also know that he plays baseball, loves biology and dislikes pickles. Oh and one more thing HE’S A VAMPIRE!

Him and his whole family, sure we’ve only been friends for a short period of time, but I think. I think I’m in love with him. Mama mia what am I going to do. You know who cares about my rules? I am going to tell him and that’s that!

The next day I asked him to hang out. Apparently he was running late so I was waiting for him. It was seven in the evening and it was getting late. After waiting for another hour I got tired, and decided to go home. 

It was dark, the street lights weren’t working so it was worse. I must’ve made a wrong turn at the last corner because I found myself in an alleyway. A shadow crept up behind, and another and another. Before I comprehended what was happening  everything went black.

I found myself in a dark room where things seemed unclear. I was dizzy, for a while until I saw what looked like a very bloody fight. It was Joshua and wait was that victoria his ex! I watched as the fight went back and forth unable to do anything cause I was still tied to the chair.

“Joshua the rake!” I yelled as Victoria struggled to stand up.

He rushed for the rake, broke the handle and drove the wooden stake through Victoria’s heart. I waited to be freed. I stood up and hugged Joshua. He had done that for me. I softly whispered into his ear “I love you”.

He then whispered back “I love you too” we stood there a while, not breaking the hug. When Esme showed up with the rest of the vamps.

“Carlisle, Alice get the floorboards and burn her body, are you guys okay?” he questioned in a serious voice

“Yes dad, We’re fine. But how did you find me?” Joshua asked

Alice “Dude, we’re vampires” she said.

“Laugh out loud” I started cracking up.

After that night things went well. Me and Joshua are official, Schools good, Esme is really cool, and lets me hang out with the other Salvatores. My dad well, still doesn’t know about the vampire stuff. It’s my little secret!

The End!

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