Friday, 12 June 2020

Mr Burt

Today we acknowledged someone very special, our school Principal Mr Burt.  Pisirina presented a speech, Mr and Mrs Burt were gifted flowers, and lolly leis. A lot of other V.I.Ps came too. This event was held in honour of Mr Burt receiving a special award from the Queen, for his outstanding work in primary education for about 20 years.
Burt believes in living local, learning global — EducationHQ
Mr Burt is an amazing person, and so is Mrs Burt, they have been here since I was in New Entrance, and are still here today. School has been so much better, because of these 2 amazing people, we have had various campes, technology and events held at our school. None of it would've been possible without Mr and Mrs Burt.

I remember my first day of being a prefect, we were all nervous. But Mr Burt reassured us that everything was going to be okay. And it was. Again, we have been blessed with these to amazing people and I would just like to say...


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