Tuesday, 2 June 2020

More 3D Shapes

Today we looked at 3D shapes again. We went over what we learnt last week about Euler's Theorem and what makes a 3D shape a 3D shape. Edges Vertices and Faces. This part went pretty quickly, and was really easy.

Along with that we made used nets to make a shape. Nets are often seen in our daily lives cardboard boxes and packages often include net. I got a net that made a cone. It was a decent challenge but I ended up making a very irregular cone instead. I liked making the nets and this task helped me imagine cube nets in different ways. :))
 This shape has 2 faces 1 vertex and 1 edge.

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  1. Hi Zaeeda,

    Wow I totally missed this amazing blog post earlier; fantastic! You constructed a great cone (I know it was quite a tricky one) and have got the idea of nets. Ka pai