Monday, 22 June 2020

Joesph Parker @ PES

Today we had one heck of a surprise waiting for us. Every Friday morning we have a school assembly, and this one was quite special indeed last week. Do you know who Joseph and Elizabeth Parker is?

David Price hopeful of fighting Joseph Parker on Anthony Joshua ...Yes, can you believe it? Ms Carter had some connection and made it possible Joseph and Elizabeth to come to and talk in our assembly. That morning was full of a mix of emotions. As I was a prefect I got to special meet and shake hands with them myself it was quite and honor. Many people were shocked, AJ one of the other prefects even asked me if his hair looked good!

If you don't know who Joseph Parker is he's an amazingly talented New Zealand Boxer. He's 28 years old, has a wife and 2 kids. He is 1.93m tall and weighs 112 kgs. He has held the heavyweight title from 2016 to 2018. And like every great man Elizabeth, who is Joseph's sister manages him.

Standing at the front of the school it was easy to tell that everyone was excited and acknowledged his presence. There was a quiet buzz and the whole school was whispering to the people around them. Started out assembly normal we did the karakia mihi national anthem the quiz and then the korero. The whole time there was a slight excitement and tension all waiting to see what the famous boxer was doing here at our school. 

After the prefects had finished the quiz, Mr Burt invited Joseph Parker to front and handed him the Microphone. But his introduction was cut short when Mr Burt asked him to play the guitar. During lockdown the famous boxer got up to some really cool antics, he Played Guitar danced and many kepted many people entertained and well. Mr Burt asked him if he could play us all something. He agreed and played a few amazing notes on the guitar, it felt like seconds when it was over. I kept wishing to hear more. 

After that he started what he came here for. He started talking to us and presented us with a speech that was...well I'm speechless. IT WAS AMAZING! he told us to believen ourselves and that nothing beats hard work. I loved his words and think that he's right keep on believing yourself and NOTHING BEATS HARD WORK!

P.S (After his speech him and Elizabeth helped hand out duffy certificates and I GOT TO SHAKE HIS HAND) 

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