Thursday, 18 June 2020

2 faces and 2 Sides

Chapter 1

He walked through the dark alley. His shoes clacking on the pavement. Click Click. I watched as he marched closer. A knife in his hand. 

He was tall mysterious, with incredibly broad shoulders. It made me wonder how he managed to stand up right. He walked closer and closer, to the small girl weeping in the corner.

I watched helplessly, as he finally reached her. He came to a halt, a dark smirk creeping across his face. He raised his hand and slit the girl across her neck. He didn't stop, he held her there for a second.

I watched in horror. Was this real, no it couldn't be. I ran, I didn't know where or why, but I had to leave. It was late hour of the night, and I didn't know who I should tell. I decided my best bet was my friend the one person I could confide in.

Chapter 2

I had arrived home, it was late. My wife and child was out, probably spending my weeks wage at the mall. It didn't matter I was tired.

I sat down for a moment of silence. It felt like only a second when my friend barged in through the door. He was out of breath and with cold sweat accumulating on his forehead.

I calmly asked "How may I assist you at this hour"

'Murder, Alley, Tall dude' He said out of breath

'Cedric calm down and tell me what's wrong' I stated a looking at him seriously

He took a deep breath and took a seat on the brown sofa I had placed in the living room. 'I just witnessed a murder, It was a girl, she she-' He stuttered

'Cedric how many times do I have to tell you, take your pills. The doctor had told you missing them will affect your mind negatively leading to mild hallucinations' I stated hoping my words would persuade him.

'But it was real' he said again

Later that evening, after I had convinced him, that it was all a pigment of his imagination he finally went home. It was exhausting, and he was quite stubborn. It was a close call, nobody can know what took place in that alley.

And nobody can know my secret. I am the murderer.

Our Task, was to right a story, that had 2 points of view.

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