Saturday, 8 July 2017

Holiday Blogging Activity: 2


  1. Kia ora Zaeeda,

    I like the bright colours that you have used to highlight and draw attention to your blog post. The yellow and green are pretty hard to miss!

    I can see from your post that the person you interviewed likes to do a number of different things, including going shopping, to restaurants and out to museums. Could you please tell us who it is that you interviewed? Was it your mom, a sibling or an auntie? If I had to guess, I would have guessed that it was your mom...Am I right?

    I hope that you and your whole family are having a great week together! My family is staying inside out of the rain and the wind. It's pretty wild out there, isn't it?

    Rachel :)

  2. Wow Rachel how did you know? you must be really good at guessing
    yes it was my mum

    1. Hi Zaeeda,

      Wow, I was right?! That is pretty cool. I guessed that it was your mom because she likes to do a lot of the same things that I like to do and I am a mom as well :)