Wednesday, 26 December 2018


Welcome back today is day three of week to I am excited so let's get started. Enjoy!

Activity 1: Night Owl

In my Family we have 2 night owls My Big Sister and my Dad my dad usually wake up at about 10:00 am and my sister wake up at 10:30. My Little sister is a early riser like my mum my. Mum is a super early riser she wake up at 4:30 am to go to work and come back at about 3:00 were usually at school but at the moment my dad is always home.

Me on the other hand I actually don't know because I sleep late at night and wake up everyday at about 6:30 am so I am kinda both.

Activity 2: A Local Delicacy

Another one of my favourite foods are not the ones with stick the ones that get wrapped up in foil.

Activity 3: Midnight Zone

Here Is my Answer and my working I think that I am enjoying math qeustions I hope we do more of this type of stuff.

Thats it for today come back tommorrow for more


  1. Hey there Zaeeda ,

    Wow you have created such a amazing post for the Summer Learning Journey. I love your recipe for your Kebabs. I love kebabs one day I would enjoy your recipe. You have been doing such a great job at this Summer Learning Journey program. Maybe you would place top three!

    Keep up the great work!

    Leilani :)


  2. Kia ora Zaeeda,

    Nice to meet you. Well done on your summer learning journey posts! I am from the Kaikohekohe Cluster (Northland) and have hopped on over to the help the awesome Manaiakalani team, as you guys are blogging up a storm! I am looking forward to hearing all the beautiful, knowledgeable and diverse ideas that you have to offer and I am also looking forward to learning from you.

    My situation is quite similar! My family usually wakes up around 10am-10:30am, they also go to bed really late which makes them a night owl. Me and my mum on the other hand are early risers, we wake up at 6:30am which is similar to you! I really love your drawing that you made of the owl, did you make that yourself?

    Well done on creating a fun and colourful google slides, it really keeps your blog interesting! YUM! Kebabs is one of my favourite foods in the whole world, I am so glad you picked it! You get to pick from so many different options for example, falafel, chicken, lamb and a mixture. My favourite is chicken with mayonnaise and sweet chilli. What sauces do you like putting on it?

    Well done for choosing to have a range of adults and children to help carry this giant squid from one are in Te Papa to another, you are really going above and beyond! So you will have 14 adults and 10 children helping to carry this big squid! Well done for showing your working out, you have really done a great job. There will be 24 people altogether helping!

    I am looking forward to reading more of your work!
    Keep up the mahi!
    Georgia E