Friday, 17 November 2017

Blog Commenting

WALT: write quality blog comments
WALT: give each other helpful feedback

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Hi My name is Zaeeda from room 10 and I am glad you liked this post. I am also happy that you are going to try this at home. You asked if it would work with any blade of grass. It would work but it is easier to use a thick blade. Thanks for commenting on our blog.
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:Hi Room 3. It's Zaeeda from Room 10 at Pt England School. I loved that you guys went swimming and learnt how to stay safe in the water. This post reminds me of when room 10 went swimming, next time you should make a movie about it or maybe just write some text on the presentation.


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Your comment:
Hi Room 3. My name is Zaeeda and I am from room 10 from Pt England school. Wow what a mind blowing post. I liked how you showed us a great way to recycle. But next time you should draw pictures or maybe share some recycling facts.

Keep up the good work !

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