Thursday, 23 November 2017

Orchestra Writing ( When we came back)

Start Writing Here:

Guess what’s happening today?.... Okay I will tell you. Today the year 5 are going to and orchestra (excited but not excited at the same time). Anyways when we get there I probably would see something like a theatre but we might have to sit outside for a little while first.

When we get there we would also probably see a guide to show us where to go and what we are going to be doing. I think that we would see a group of people with instrument ready to play and maybe once we all get seated they will start to play.

They might even be wearing fancy clothes the kind that your parents might wear when they are when they go out at night. So they might wear formal wear. But again it is a New Zealand Orchestra so they might not wear formal wear.

I have been to and orchestra before but I haven’t been to this one. So this will kind of be a new experience and it won’t at the same time because this orchestra have a circus too !

I bet the acrobats in the circus would wear something shiny so they will really stand out when they do there flips and tricks. I also hope that there would be a clown wearing a lot of make up because my friend is afraid of clowns and I haven’t ever seen her frightened of something.

As you know today the year 5’s went to the orchestra because the year 6’s were on camp. So anyways we went by bus and it took us ages to get there I wasn’t really excited so I just sat and looked out the window while the other were chatting.

So when we got there we went and waited until we had to go inside and soon we did. We got inside and we all sat down in our seats. I was next to GIGI and roshaan. The lights when dim and then slowly it got darker and darker and soon it was only the light on the stage that were allowing us to see.

As I had said before our guide that told us what was happening came and introduced himself and then he did the same to the conductor. (do you know what a conductor is? Is the person that send signals to the people playing the instrument guiding them through the song).

Anyway the first thing that happened was that the people played a song called moonlight. Then when moonlight played there was a queen that needed to find medicine for the king and went into a dark and scary looking forest for it.

Then in the forest there was a fairy a evil fairy who did tricks and dances with hoops and lot of them and she was wearing something black and shiny with not such detail unlike the queen who was wearing a white shiny costume with lot’s of detail and pattern on it.

Then the guide introduced the string instrument the brass and the percussion and the played a song. After that the guide introduced the woodwind and the conductor and then they finished the story.  So the queen finds the medicine but get’s into some trouble and get rescued.

After that the evil fairy dances with someone else who I think is trying to reach her but there is always something separating you. Then last of all the queen and king get reunited in triumph and that was the grand finaly and it also happens to be the most dangerous part in the performance.

I didn’t really enjoy this because I couldn’t really see and my seat was getting pushed in the back which was also uncomfortable but mostly because I don’t feel comfortable when I watch theatre and even when I have to do drama.

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