Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Orchestra Writing before we got there

Guess what’s happening today?.... Okay I will tell you. Today the year 5 are going to and orchestra (exicted but not excited at the same time). Anyways when we get there I probably would see something like a theatre but we might have to sit outside for a little while first.

When we get there we would also probably see a guide to show us were to go and what we are going to be doing. I think that we would see a group of people with insturment ready to play and maybe once we all get seated they will start to play.

They might even be wearing fancy clothes the kind that your parents might wear when they are when they go out at night. So they might wear formal wear. But again it is a New Zealand Orchestra so they might not wear formal wear.

I have been to and orchestra before but I haven’t been to this one. So this will kind of be a new expirince and it won’t at the same time because this orchestra have a circus too !

I bet the acrobats in the circus would wear something shiny so they will really stand our when they do there flips and tricks. I also hope that there would be a clown wearing alot of make up because my friend is afraid of clowns and I haven’t ever seen her frightend of somehting.

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