Thursday, 7 December 2017

A Concert Goes Wrong!

Hi my name is Zaeeda and I am about tell you how a concert went terribly wrong. It all started last year when I was put in charge of organizing a concert to raise money for charity. So Let’s get started!

“I’ll do it” I said to the Principal of our school “Thanks Zaeeda I knew I could count on you and your friends” said the principal. Zaeeda walked out of the Principal's office when she saw Amira out on the court having a drink she went and joined Amira and they walked to class together.

“So” started Amira “so what”? I reply “can you please tell me why you had to go to the Principal's office” “k” I said back. “Our principal wants me you and some other people to make a charity concert together” I say “WHAT!!!!!” say Amira.

“What do you mean what”? I say “this is so cool” yes I know but just us yeah but lights and sounds are going to be the people that did the Livestream ones and we also are going to have year 5 doing it too. Let’s make a list of the people we should ask” I say “Zaeeda Zaeeda Zaeeda you and your organization” she replies then I remember to tell her that we have to finish everything tuesday next week.

Oh and by the way we have to Keep up with our work to get the song finish the practices and everything by tuesday because that's the day of the show I said to her. I block my ears before she say…... WWW HHHHHH AAAAAA TTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shouts Amira SHhhhhh…. I say we are in silent reading right now. Then I tell her that we have to keep this on a low and that Miss West Already knows.

We ask if we could go into a quiet room and work on our concert and Miss West agrees to let us in. We decided that our concert was going to play jazz music. We make a list of the people that we are going to ask her it is.

  1. Toby for our back drops
  2. Caleb Tatia Marika for a tech engineer
  3. Me and Amira for directors
  4. Freedom & Toby Aj for trumpet players
  5. Jahzara and Eden Levonah Trinity & Pisi as costume & dance and make/ back up singers/ Bass guitar players
“I think this is pretty good” say Amira “ Pretty good Pretty good” I say in frustration this needs to be Perfect I don’t want them to think I am not ready for this”, ”Zaeeda Zaeeda get a hold of yourself this is the best work ever” Amira say to calm me down.“Okay should we make a list of all the things we need to do” I say to Amira “okay Amira replies. Here is this list

  1. Ask for the stage
  2. Ask the people to do their task
  3. Get the instrument
  4. Get supplies and Objects for the concert
  5. Rent lighting equipment
  6. Sell cupcakes in the weekends to raise money for it all
  7. Make posters for the concert
  8. Get some light and sound engineers
  9. Sell tickets for the show get a donation box to just put in donations for charity
  10. Get the song ready

“Wow thats a lot to do” said Amira “ yes that’s why you are coming to my house remember” I reply “Oh yeah” said Amira. They finish their planning then went got there morning tea a clipboard with their list and headed for the door. First they asked everyone if they could do the task and luckily they all agreed. Then we went to ask for the stage and instruments from Mr Jacobson.

We got the instrument but they needed cleaning and they also needed to be tuned which was not a problem. Second we went they people to sell tickets and we got three people and we also got a shiny silver box as a box to put donations in. We had our morning tea then went back to class and saw that Toby had finished his first drawing. We told him that the next one should be a bit more jazzy and he thought it was a pretty cool Idea.

After we had to go back to class. We carried on with our day like normal and waited till we could go home. We said good afternoon to Miss West then walked home together along the way we bought the ingredients to make cupcakes. We got home and fetched our favorite aprons then started to cook..

We made these cupcakes
  1. Velvet
  2. Vanilla
  3. Banana
  4. Strawberry
  5. Chocolate
  6. Blueberry
  7. Carrot
  8. All in one

“Wow these are a lot of cupcakes” said Amira “let’s let them cool” while we get changed” I say to Amira “Okay” she replies we get changed and then take the cupcakes outside I get the old lemonade stand we used when we raised money for sports equipment. We change the sign and wrote cupcakes for sale.

Our first customer was a soccer team they wore red jerseys they we all looked like they one a game so me and Amira started to yell cupcakes for sale fresh cupcakes for sale. instanly they all  crowded around our stand. I took the money while Amira gives the cupcakes.

By the time they left we only had half the batch so I run home and get the cupcakes we made for ourselves which was also half of the full batch we baked. After that we had another team that walked past they looked like they lost the world cup. So I say are you okay maybe you would cheer up if you bought a cupcake they looked at each other and smiled.

Once again we were over crowded with people all satisfied by our cupcakes. We ended for the day and only had two chocolate cupcakes. We each had one and decided we should pay to. We returned home with a great big smile but with a wimpy body. We had just earned 250$ and we just sold cupcakes. We decided that we will make more cupcakes and sell them just before tea time. So we got started. As we worked we Sung our favourite song I feel Better when I'm Dancing from meghan trainor.

“Hey I just had a brain shake. “What’s a brain shake”? replied Amira with a confused expression” “it’s when you get Ideas from know where” I say “oh Okay” “what if we sing a song from meghan trainor but change the backing track” “that’s a great Idea but we have to give credits to her in the concert” says Amira “we could have it in the end when it finishes” I say “okay” says Amira.

Soon we were sitting on at our stand while we got customers come and buy cupcakes. When we returned home at dinner we had four droopy pockets full of coins and notes. We walked upstairs to my room and put the money in a box which of course we made ourselves. We had just earned 5oo$ and we were exhausted “good thing it’s Sunday tomorrow” says Amira “not for me I have to go and shine the instrument tune them and I also have to email the new song to the people so they will practice it.

We go to sleep and then I got up really early in the morning while Amira on the other hand was still snoring loudly. So I got up grabbed a cookie and rode my bike to school. I got there and walked in through the main entrance were I saw that the instruments and the cloth to polish them waiting for me.

I got to work and listened to some music to keep me company. Soon I  had one half of the instruments and Amira came through the entrance. “about time” I say “ what I sleeped in” Amira replied a bit embarrassed. I giggled as Amira started to polish as well.

BY the time we finished it was already midday we decided to get a snack then rent the equipment and get the supplies for the concert. We ride our bikes down to the dairy and get a ice block then we went and sat under a tree and finished it. “Well what should we do first” said Amira  “I think that we should get the equipment and then get the supplies from the shop next door” replied Zaeeda “Okay” said Amira.

We rode off and soon arrived at our destination. We went to the speaker and the sound machine and we had $150 left. Then we went next door and got some scissors glue paint and paper, which luckily only took $50. “We still have $100 left” said Amira “let's take it back to my place and keep it safe in case we run out of money at the concert” Said Zaeeda “okay” said Amira. Then they rode home and put the money in the same box they got it out from.

“Hey we only have 2 more things to do on the list” said Amira “I know “ said Zaeeda “isn't it nice to feel like you  can do anything and a little time if you just put your mind to it” she added. That night we Zaeeda went to sleep she couldn’t she still had 2 things to do. She got up and walked to her desk careful not to wake up Amira. Then she started to draw and draw she keeped drawing until she was tired and she had finished.

“Tomorrow we can put these posters up” Zaeeda whispered to herself as she climbed back into bed. The next morning Zaeeda and Amira had some pancakes then went and started to put up the posters. “Wow I still can't believe you made the posters without me” said Amira “I'm sorry but I just couldn't stop thinking about leaving this till this afternoon and now we can setup the stand to sell the tickets” Zaeeda replied.

They  finished putting up the poster then went and started to put up there stand for the tickets. Our first group of people were some tourists  they look like they hadn't seen this place before so me and Amira greeted them and ask them if they had ever seen a jazz band they said they had never heard of a jazz band but would really like to see one so we tell them about our concert a few minutes later we had sold 38 tickets.

By the end of the day we had sold every ticket we had in our stand and had $850 to put in a donation box . “Wow I can't believe we sold all these tickets” said Amira  “ I can” said Zaeeda “we are Awesome” she added. They went home then had a great nights sleep.

The next day Zaeeda and the rest of the group met up in the hall every thing was perfect until. Zaeeda notice that the EQUIPMENT WASN’T THERE! Zaeeda Started to breath heavy when she bumped into Amira “ what’s worng” said Amira “ the equipment isn’t here” Zaeeda replied then they we both breathing heavly.

Zaeeda the took A deep breath. Then Zaeeda said “ no worries we can turn the song into an acappella” she said to Amira “Okay” Amira says with an unsure look.. They give the others the news and they decided that they can do it and make it work.

By the time the show started every thing was perfect. Zaeeda was Backstage checking on the auidednce every now and then. She was walking out the back stage door when she saw the Principal right in front of her. “ Wow Zaeeda” said the Prinicpal “great job” he added. Then Zaeeda replied and said that she could not have done it without Amira.

The show went on and they raised up
2000$ to give to charity



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