Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Fencing was invented in 1190 B.C the sport was used by the Persians and the Greeks.They tested their skills with fencing. Some Greek and Persians called fencing an art, because the movements in fencing were really graceful. In Ancient Egypt people put carving on rocks and in the pyramids.

Nowadays fencing is used in the Olympics and there is a buzz to tell you when to stop and when to start. Fencing was introduced to the Olympics in 1896. When you score a point in the modern Olympics there is a special light that goes off and it tells everybody the fencer that has the green light has scored a point.

Fencing has three different kinds of swords there is the foil the epee and the saber. The foil is short and flexible, when you are fencing with the foil you score a point by tap the opponent anywhere from the chest to the waist. When you are fencing you will see that the Epee has more weight than the foil it is also longer. To score a point with the epee you can tap your competitor anywhere on the body. The saber is shorter and with the saber you can touch anywhere over the waist on the other fencer and you will get a point.

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