Friday, 26 August 2016

Ben Johnsons story

Ben Johnson is a canadian sprinter from 1988 and he was at the Olympics in the final sprinting against Carl Lewis. Ben Johnson was going to run 100 meter. All eyes were on the two sprinters.

The horn blow and the sprinters started the race, Ben Johnson dashed through the whole race as the crowd chanted. Ben Johnson crossed the line first and got the gold medal. However Ben Johnson had  enormous muscle for a sprinter and most people said “it’s a miracle  that Ben Johnson had just broke the world record.’

Before the race Ben Johnsons had given sample in a cup to be test . The sample got tested on to see if there were any drugs. The other athletes didn’t have drugs but Ben Johnson had lots of drug. When the news was  announced Ben Johnson's gold medal was taken away and he was banned from the Olympics for eternity.

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  1. Hi Zaeeda I loved how you put lots of details in your writing. You used some different words in this story. I think that your picture is very interesting. How do they know Ben Johnson was taking drugs?
    From:Hope and Megan.