Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Yr 5 and 6 Extension Seminar

Yr  5 and 6 Extention seminar

Last week on Tuesday year 5 and 6 extension had a seminar.The best thing I like about it was the lollies. I also liked that little question Really bring out what people are thinking.

What I learned

I learnt that alot of people are affected by a small problem, for example o maru creek it is so dirty now that nobody can swim in it and the fish bird and animals around there are having to leave because of the rubbish. This linked to the seminar because in this we are poluting our ennviroment and in the seminar we talked about how our natural resources are used to make new technology.

What we could do better next time

I think that next time we could get more time to prepare and they told us the topic Before the day of the seminar.

Personal Words about the seminar

At the seminar I was really nervous because We had not prepared but once we listened to a bunch of other people we  started to feel more relaxed It was just like talking in the production back in da day and it was really easy to piggy bank on other ideas because of what our amazing teachers have taught us Mrs Lagitupu and Mrs Sinclair.

My Next goal
My next step towards learning more is trying new things things I have never tried before.

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