Monday, 21 August 2017

Capture the flag

WOOOOW!!!!! I have just had the best experience EVER!!!!! Just joking  this morning room 10 went outside for a game of capture the flags but we didn’t really do anything except wait. We had to wait for our turn and we had to wait for the cones to be set up wow.

The worst part was that  I also got my feet muddy for nothing because the field was really muddy. I am usually cool with it but today I am just mad really really  mad it make me want to MMMMMMMMM…. Never mind.

Now we have to write a recount about what happened and that is even worst. Today is just not my day. I hate it when it is not my day sigh. I can’t wait till school is over.

I also feel really stink because I was only  in one of the round and heaps of people got two rounds, life is so not fair. Guess what else the game I was in was like only 1 minute life goes fast when your play a game. Probably because we had to reset the cones.

Back to the story once we got back to class there was a live stream call out I thought maybe that would get the game off my mind but it was just for the ending scene sigh sigh sigh.

And now I feel left out because heaps of people are talking to each other and I am sitting here being bored. I hated this experience sigh. I might not come school tomorrow because it was really cold outside and now my feet are freezing and I can only walk when I tip toe.

So there the worst school experience I have ever had in my whole time at school so far well I guess I haven’t spent much time at school well let’s see if tomorrow's my day.

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