Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Gauridians of the Galaxy Writing

It is take your kid to work day and Zaria goes to the space station with her dad because her dad is a scientist. She is really excited because she wants to be an astronaut when she grows up.

At the space station Zaria finds out that earth's resources are being destroyed Zaria was still thinking about it when Her dad disappears into a lab with the other scientists. He tells Zaria to go to the waiting room where she would meet some other kids to play with and gives her some money to buy food. Then leaves Zaria to amuse herself.

Zaria is looking for the waiting room when she finds a spaceship in one of the rooms. Curiously she goes to take a look inside the spaceship. Suddenly out of the blue the spaceship starts up and Zaria is confused about what was happening soon she is soon blasted off into outer space.

Back at the station the scientists are alarmed of what happened.  Zaria changed into a space suit and got to the driver seat. Zaria had to dodge planets and meteorites and other things like satellite transmitters.

While Zaria was there she decide to go look for another planet to support human life force. While Zaria was in out of space she saw brown lines all around the land on earth and even the cloud weren’t as white anymore wow she says in disappointment the earth is so polluted.

Zaria goes to a tones planets But none of them had the right you resources some of them didn’t have the right oxygen level, some didn’t have plants or water, some we inhabited, and some we get dead dark.
Zaria looks and looks, she looks right, she looks left and she looks up and down but nothing. Soon Zaria comes upon another planet It looks like Earth but The species of plants were different.

Zaria soon realised that the species are the same on Earth. Zaria names the planet Crownania. She Quickly started up the rocket again and flew back to Earth to tell the other everyone about the new discovery she made.

But  back at the space station the Scientist had already found out about Zaria Discovery. They got all the humans ready and their animals ready to leave Earth. Zaria arrived and got a big surprise everyone had  boarded spaceships and we're already blasting off.

Zaria found her dad and asked what was happening he said that we know what you found when you were in outer space then her told her she was grounded because she didn’t have parent supervision our permission to do that.How do you know I found a new planets it was a camera in your space so we could keep track of what was happening Oh that explains it.

After everyone had boarded a rocketship and had gone to Crownania Zaria stayed behind and looking at some of the damaged resources. If this is how humans treat this world who knows what they would do to crownaninia.

Just as Zaria was born in the spaceship she got an idea What if  I people to keep crownania clean after all I am the founder of crownania.

Zaria Went back to Crownainia and told everyone to look after this planet if you want to live on it. And from then on maybe then did the  earthlings learn there lesson.

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