Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Chuck It In The Bin

Once not long ago in 2007 there were two girls Melody swift and Harmony tate they were best friend in year five at Stone Heart academy . One day Melody and Harmony were eating there lunch when some kids walked by. They were eating there lunch as well when they finished they threw the rubbish on the ground. The girls didn’t do anything because they didn’t want to make a scene in front of everybody.

When they went recess they looked at the playground but there was nobody  there playing. Melody and Harmony exchanged glances. When the bell  for the end of recess rang. The girls glumly went into class.’’ The playground is a litter bin’’ said Melody ’’ I know’’ said Harmony.

They were doing some hand writing when their teacher Miss Walker said ’’when you're done put your hand writing  book  in you tote tray and line up outside for gym’’. They were lining up when Harmony slipt on a banana peel but nobody decided to help her up except Melody. When they went to put the  banana peel in the bin and they saw that the bin was totally completely empty they gave each other a nasty look.  

At home time they both walked home together that’s when Melody said ’’do you want come to my house for a while’’  ’’okay’’ said Harmony  they both went to Melody’s which was just a few blocks away from Harmony’s house. When they got there they went and put there things and lay down for a rest.

They were resting silently watching some tv while sitting on the sofa  when Melody said ’’ the rubbish at school is disgusting’’ ’’ yeah but what can we do’’ said Harmony ’’If only there was a way that we could encourage people that recycling is cool’’ said Melody ’’if only’’.
That's when Melody's mum walked in with two dresses in her hand she asked Melody which one would look better on her for her night out, and then suddenly it came to her ’’ A FASHION SHOW COMPLETELY MADE OUT OF REUSABLE COMPACTS’’!!!! Melody shouted out in the air with a burst of excitement.

’’That’s a great Idea’’ said Harmony with an excited expression ’’let’s ask the headmistress if we could have it at the academy as a academy event’’ said Melody. ’’Oh and mom the sparkly ruby red dress would look spectacular on you at your night out ’’okay Honey’’ said Melody’s mum and walked out of the room mumbling about which purse she should take or which necklace she should wear.

Melody and Harmony went back to there conversation about their Fashion show.‘’We could have lanterns hung up with recycling symbols on them’’ said Harmony ’’and we could hand out flyers’’ said Melody. ’’WAIT WE NEED DESIGNS’’ said Harmony ’’woops! ’’I nearly forgot about the designs’’ said Melody ’’wait here let me get my notebook and pens so we can design our outfits’’ said Melody disappearing upstairs to her room.

She hurried upstairs and returned a few minutes later with a notebook and some pens. ’’I was thinking maybe we could design a garbage bag dress with a flax belt’’ said Harmony and ’’Maybe we could make a dress with newspapers with a duct tape belt’’said Melody. ’’Let’s get started’’ said Harmony they got to work as soon as possible.

They started to designs their dresses when Melody said  ’’we are going to need a choreographer and models and a filming crew so we can put this event on the academy site’’ ’’ yes we can get some of the girls at the academy to be apart of the event’’ said Harmony. ’’Maybe there can be some boy models as well they can model out the Hats caps and T-shirts’’ said Melody looking at Harmony hoping that her friend liked her Idea’’ ’’okay’’ said Harmony with a sly look.

’’Where are we going to get the material from I can ask my mum for some garbage bags I also  have a flax bush at  home in my backyard I can grab some on the way to school’’ said Harmony ’’and I can get the newspaper and duct type oh and I can also grab some daisies so we can make them chains and earrings’’ said Melody

A few weeks had past  Melody and Harmony were busy busy bees. They were all over the place, the headmistress office  the school hall, there arts and crafts class, the mall, the library. It was a lot of work putting on a fashion show together. Harmony and Melody were beat and tired out. They had nearly done it they were determined to never to give up and to always try there  best.  They were going to be  famous for being the first 9 year old to put on a fashion show in only 5 weeks it was incredibly.

One day Melody and Harmony were having tea at Harmony’s when Melody asked how many days were left till the fashion show she hadn’t realised that it was tomorrow! ’’It’s tomorrow’’ said Harmony ’’ Melody I had put together a speech yesterday in my own time to say at the fashion show me and you can say it before it starts it could be like and introduction’’ said Harmony ’’okay’’   said Melody ’’maybe you could give me a copy and I could practice it at home’’ said Melody  ‘’okay let me go and get it’’ said Harmony.

Melody  went home and started practicing her speech it was her big day tomorrow. That night Melody couldn’t sleep she was a little nervous and really excited! She twisted and turned for a while then went down stairs. She was going down stairs when Melody heard her mum on the phone she was talking to Melody's rich aunt Ruby.

Melody knew it wasn’t right to eavesdrop ,but she couldn’t help it her mum was inviting her whole family to the fashion show and her family was pretty big. Melody ran to bed and fell asleep that night someone visited Melody in her dream it was her great great great great great great great great grandma her grandma told her that her family won’t laugh at her they'd actually be really proud.

The next day Melody woke up bright and early had her breakfast and got to the academy she rushed to the hall and saw that Harmony was already there Harmony yelled ’’hi’’ Melody waved back at Harmony as she told the girl were the lantern should go. They had a run through of the Fashion show and it was prodigious they were ready for to night. At school today they were really happy so happy that they didn’t even care when a naughtiest boy in the class jake called Melody and Harmony show offs at home time when a the kids were leaving school. They rushed to the hall to get ready for there fashion show they got ready and set up the chairs got the camera crew ready and filming Melody and Harmony got the models ready and put the makeup on models they even go the food ready.

’’IT’S NEARLY SHOW TIME PEOPLE’’ shouted Melody and Harmony it was 7.00 pm and the crowd was big Melody and Harmony were back stage. Melody said ’’it’s show time’’ ’’true Melody’’ said Harmony. They went out on stage said there speech and in stead of people laughing people were applauding. The fashion show started and it was AMAZING!!!!!! When the show ended and the people were leaving Melody and Harmony came front stage and there was a women sitting in the middle of the seats just clapping Melody and Harmony thought she was crazy but it turned out that the women was astonished.

She was a perfessional designer and her name was Stilista di moda. She had designed the most famous outfits in the world. She approached Harmony and Melody and said ‘’your designs are amazing l must borrow them for my spring collection’’.

The next day Melody and Harmony we eating their lunch when some other kids joined them they were also eating there lunch when they finished the walked to the bin and chucked the rubbish away and through the the rubbish around in the bin.

A when Melody and Harmony finished there lunch they walked to the park and saw that there were kids playing on the monkey bars and the rock climbing on the net bridge. Melody and Harmony smiled as they saw the happiness of the kids.
                                                      The End

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