Friday, 31 March 2017

Animation voice over

Once long ago there was a strong maori man his name was Maui he had accomplished many things. Did you know Maui slowed down the sun and made our days longer. Anyways Maui decided to go fishing so he could feed his whanau so Maui grabbed his hook and push his way out to blue moana.

Maui rowed his waka way past his village, river and his muanga he rowed and rowed and rowed until finally he was in the middle of the deep blue moana. He looked around until Maui was sure that it was the perfect fishing spot then he grabbed his rope and took a big wave and through his hook as far as he could into the sea.

Then he waited and waited and waited he waited all day and all night until suddenly there was something on his hook. Maui tried to look down into the sea and look at what was on his hook but he couldn’t. So Maui started to pull the rope made of flax, Maui pulled and pulled and pulled he probably thought he was pulling a Giant.  

Maui pulled and pulled and then after a lot of pulling he found that the fish he caught was a megalithic fish it was enormous. When the fish came to the surface of the moana it closed it’s eyes and perished away and floated on the surface of the moana and to this day that fish was none as the north Island of Aotearoa.

This historical story symbolises our environment that gives us many  things like plants and food from the sea it also give us millions of homes land shelter and other wonderful things.

srcoll down and watch my animation

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