Thursday, 13 April 2017

song lyrics Aoteroa song

1.Aotearoa is the best place we have our nation tree there really cool

2.We call one of them harakeke

3.  And when you are at the beach you will feel a breeze an ocean breeze x2

4. But don’t forget to look for the flying birds  free on the open on sea x2

5.Did you know a special kind of bird is called an oyster catcher an oyster Catcher

6. they always fly upon the open sea as they feel the ocean breeze  

7.There meeting spot is by a bed of gorse that’s right a bed of gorse

8.There is a special flower that grows on the mountain highist  it’s called the gorse yep a gorse

9. they really have spiky spikes upon their stems upon their stems.

10. Now that you know we hope you like our song good bye

sorry we can't put our song up it we will put it up first thing next term.

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