Friday, 31 March 2017

Year 5/6 Camp Writing

WOW!!!  That was such a cool camp. Team four is so lucky to do camp every year. Last week team 4 had their 27th annual  year 5 and 6 Camp. We camped out on the field. there was a big tent  put  up called the marquee. That's where all the teams met. Our mission was spend 3 whole days together excepted for me I had to go home at 3 o'clock I was a day time camper  which meant I go home at the school home time.

There were a whole lot of games that we could play throughout the 3 days. One of the activity’s were called the  killer zone, were two teams had to complete challenges. There was an activity where there was two teams split into teams of six that had challenges all over the school.  The activity had  face painting involved. A special activity was run by the most important person in the whole school Mr Burt. He ran the kayaking activity and he had a few parent helpers.

My favourite camp highlight was the camp concert because my group the presidents  won.  It was so COOL watching my friends dance on stage. My second favourite camp highlight was going to the mangere pools because of the fun water park kind of part. There was  a you can sit under and you won’t get wet and when the waters not coming it looks like an ordinary pole. My third highlight was dancing on stage at lunchtime because they played some of my favourite songs.

The thing I learned was that l have to get better at kayaking and that never kayak by a strong current on a really windy day. The funneist thing I learned was that sometimes losing isn’t that bad it’s actually good somtimes. I think that students of all ages go camping because it’s really preparing for the other night trips you’d ever go on.  

I’d love to thank Mr Burt and Mr Jacobson for taking out there time for two whole days because we know that you are really busy sometimes. I’d also liked to thank all the teachers and parents to making the camp run. I’d  also like to thank the crew who helped put together all our meals and tents. The biggest thanks I’d like say to is all the people who made the camp happen in all the bad weather and stayed the whole night to keep us safe.

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