Friday, 16 September 2016

The Lost Olympic Gold Medal

Hi i’m a gold medal and I’m going to like my new home if it stays like this, all the time. Maybe I will be taken to a school to be shown off or maybe even put in a museum. I will soon find out.

One week later……

I thought i’d be loved forever but I got given to a baby as a toy. The baby played with me as a steering wheel for a car. When she finally got bored of she took care of me and by that I mean I got flushed down the toilet when I fell asleep. When I woke up I saw that I was in the sewers.                                                                                        

While I was down in the sewers keeped saying to myself what could be more interesting than an Olympic gold medal. Soon I got emotional and started crying and sulking about living in the sewers for eternity. After an hour or something I stopped crying I looked for a place to rest myself I found an empty tin can top sleep in so that's what I did.

Once a had awakened from my sleep I lay there in the sewers when OH NO where am I before I could finish a gush of water had, made me end up in a toilet seat one of the toilets had clogged up because of a toilet roll.

Two hours later……

I was still in the toilet seat. Suddenly, the door opened out of nowhere the baby crawled in I said in my head what would she want she has already caused enough trouble today. She Gently lifted me from the seat Joy Joy ! I whispered at last I will be freed from the toilet even though I was relieved I was a little disgusted to, I mean I was dripping wet with sewer water anyways she took me to the tap gave me a scrub with warm water and dried me in the shower curtain.

Then took off for the playroom . The next thing I knew was at a tea party with mr potato head. Well at least i’m happy and taken cared of now by the baby.

                                        The end

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