Monday, 26 September 2016

Pick A Path

It was a clear and crisp night. Zaeeda skipped joyfully through the park. She noticed leaves rustling all around her. Could certain danger be hiding within the trees? Thought Zaeeda.

A cold shiver ran down her shoulder the wind started whistling. Zaeeda stopped skipping for a few seconds and scratched her elbow nervously thinking that someone was watching. She saw a shadow rushing towards her. She picked up the nearest branch to smack any danger away. She was about to run away but she stayed brave and waited. The shadow grew closer and closer until Zaeeda dropped the branch it stumbled onto the ground. Zaeeda ran toward the person because she was yelling Zaeeda Zaeeda and she recognized the voice anywhere it’s her bestest friend in the whole wide world, Amira.

First thing she told Amira was not to do that again because she could’ve gotten hurt. The second thing Zaeeda told her was ’’why are you here aren’t you supposed  to be at home or at least doing you homework’’. Then Amira said ’’I have already done homework and tomorrow is Saturday’’. They talked while they walked home and Amira asked Zaeeda if she could stay for supper Zaeeda said ’’sure’’ as long as your mum does’nt start looking for you’’.

After supper Amira went back home her house which was just a few blocks away. Zaeeda went to bed but Zaeeda kept twisting and turning she couldn't sleep. She was getting the feeling that someone or something was in the house. She got up picked up her torch and walk to the living room to check if anyone or anything was there. Then she heard a noise it sounded like a something was eating some food. She went into the kitchen to reveal what was in the house and it was a raccoon.

The raccoon looked really hungry so Zaeeda got it some rubbish for it to eat and a tiny bit of water to drink.  Then Zaeeda went inside and went back to sleep.

Since that day Zaeeda looked after the raccoons by taking care of them.

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