Thursday, 22 September 2016

Let's Go Eels

On a windy Wednesday last week 20 pavilions kids went to a creek, called Oamaru creek we looked at the pollution in the creek we didn’t see any eels, which told us that our creek wasn’t healthy. We saw chip packs and sandwich wraps all around the creek and in the creek too. We followed the creek to a clearing that went into a river. Miss King took a picture of us standing by the creek.

Then with happy expressions on our face we went to Tusitala and waited for Robin. While we were waiting Miss King told us some rules and gave us some eel picture to colour. Miss king also read us the book called let’s go eels. We listened to Miss King tell us that when the male eels turn twenty five they travel to the fiji basins let go of their eggs and die. But, the female eels go and let go of their eggs when the turn 30 or 33. When she finished

After we had finished one round of the game Robin arrived at the tusitala and we listened to robin do her mihi then we did some greetings from around the universe. We did Thailand and G.I  and lots of other countries. After that we were put into groups of four, the people in my group Josh, Sonnia AJ and me. Robin gave us some creature feature cards to match with the tiny creatures. Once we match them up Robin gave us some florist explorers to matched. When we finished matching the cards we played a game called who am I, Who am I is a game that involves you holding a card above your head and then
you have to guess what creature is on the card while your partner's give you clues of what you are. The bell rang and it was time for morning tea.

After morning tea the 20 people met at Tusitala and we went to the hall a the hall we saw a parachute and we got to go under it and on top. Then we had to scare a stote away the stote eats every things including eels so we  gather all around her and she got  so scared and ran away. The last thing we did was rescuing an eel from under a supermarket trolley. We also wrote a headline for a newspaper our group’s headline was school students saved a eel from under a random supermarket trolley.   Soon the bell for lunch rang and we went to class and had lunch.


  1. What a marvellous recount you have written. I had been wondering what you all did with Miss King and Robin that day. It sounds like so much fun.

    Mrs Burt

  2. Dear Zaeeda, I loved the detail of your account, you remembered my mihi, all the rubbish, the names of the people in your group, and the age of the male and the female eels when they leave to go to the South Fiji Basin. Not stepping over anything is a great skill to have. Keep up the great detailed work. Robin 🌟📝

  3. Thank you for coming to our school did you now that eels are now my favorite see creature.
    robin could you come to our school again because I enjoyed our time with you

    from Zaeeda at Pt Englnad school