Wednesday, 31 May 2017

What Happened to Miss West

‘’I’ve  just noticed what has happened to Miss West’’ said Zaeeda ‘’I don’t know’’ said Jedida ‘’ maybe she was captured by aliens because they wanted her to teach them and give them knowledge’’ added Roshaan ‘’                                       probably not’’ said Zaeeda.

‘’Why don’t we look for her’’ said Jedida  ‘’okay’’ replied Zaeeda ‘’ do you want to come Roshaan’’ said Jedida ‘’ maybe not my mum has to pick me up early for a doctor's appointment sorry I’d really like to come’’ said Roshaan.  

The bell rang for the start of school ‘’ I wonder who our teacher will be for the rest of the day ? asked Jedida ‘’  I don’t know’’ said Roshaan ‘’ we will have to find out’’ out said Zaeeda. The girls walked inside and found out there teacher for the rest of day.

The class had Mr Slade for the rest of the day. ‘’ We can look for Miss West at lunch time and make a plan at morning tea’’ said Zaeeda ‘’ that’s a great Idea ‘’ said Jedida.

They did there work until  the bell for morning tea rang. They rushed outside to make a plan at their secret hideout. They got to the hide out and saw that there was a message.

It had a couple of numbers.  9  1.13   23. 5. 18. 19 ‘’ what does that mean’’ ? asked Jedida a few second of silents. Then suddenly Zaeeda Shouted ‘’ I get it now’’
Jedida ‘’  I don’t get it one bit ‘’ replied Jedida scratching her head. The code say ‘’I am west’’ answered Zaeeda ‘’ I still don’t get it’’ said jedida .

‘’I think it means Miss West has gone to another country’’ said Zaeeda ‘’ or she was kidnapped Miss West would never leave our class without mentioning it’’ added Jedida. So if she went to another country in the west she went Romanian transylvania.

So that’s where we are going yep that the place. The bell rang for the end of recess rang  so they went to class. For the rest of the day they were silent. At home time Zaeeda realised it was the perfect time to set off to transylvania. They got to the airport and got on a plane too transilvania.

It took two days straight they were really excited when they landed. ‘’ I think we are here’’ said Zaeeda ‘’ this is so cool right I can’t believe that I am really here’’ said Jedida.

‘’Well back too work we have to find Miss West’’ said Zaeeda ‘’okay’’ replied Jedida. They left the airport and head for the tourist sites. They joined a tourist group and met a tour guide called Pablo he was going to take us to the most breathtaking and spooky sites in transylvania.

First they went to a abandoned house but it was actually home to thirteen ghosts. Then they went to a castle as they entered they heard thunder and the sound of a hundred people screaming from fright. Jedida and Zaeeda left the group and entered the castle. They heard a voice say 5x6=30.

‘’ It’s Miss West’’ said Zaeeda ‘’ what do we do? asked Jedida as a shiver came down her spine. ‘’Quick someone's coming ‘’ said Jedida ‘’let’s hide’’ said Zaeeda.  They hid behind a curtain and saw Miss West run through the hall.

‘’ Miss West’’ shouted Zaeeda ‘’ what doing here ? ‘’ we are here to save you’’ said Zaeeda. ‘’ what now ? we can’t make a run for it’’ said jedida ‘’we will have to get rid of them’’ said Zaeeda. ‘’ We  can you the sun’s rays and burn the vampires into dust.

The Zaeeda explained her plan to the rest of the group. ‘’ Okay ‘’ said Zaeeda ‘’Miss West your turn first’’. Miss West went back to the room she was teaching them. After a little while she took the vampires to the
court yard and there the sun’s rays hit the  vampires and in second the vampires were demolished.

Hoora the girls shouted hurrah then they ran to hug Miss West we better get you back to school then said Miss West ‘’Oh I have just noticed tomorrow is school’’ said Zaeeda  “I almost forgot “ said Jedida and with that the girls caught a plane back to New Zealand.

And that is my version of what happened two Miss West and in case you're wondering they returned home safely and the vampires that turned into dust were taken and put in a jar and the jar was put in a old attic.


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