Friday, 26 May 2017

Brief development

Why we are making land boats

We are designing a land boat for the purpose of competing in our class land boat race. Room 10 are making boats because our focus for this term is what kind of resources maori had before that pakeha came to New Zealand. We are also learning technology behind  boats like the knots and the navigation methods.  One of the transports maori had was a waka and a canoe because they used new Zealand waters like a road it is used everyday.

What we do before we start building
Since we are going to be designing a land boat we needed a plan. Lucky Miss West was One step ahead and made us a brief development. A brief development is  a plan and you write down your ideas. Most people use brief developments when they are going to build something. We had to write own things we need and what the objects were for.

What is in our plan

In our brief development there should be  three things. First you have to write what and why you are building the object. Second you have two write what it will have and what the things are for example the wheels the wheels are there to make them move. Third you have two write your wish list a.k.a  the things you need.

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