Monday, 16 November 2015

Manaiakalani film festival

On Wednesday our whole class went on an adventure to Sylvia park.Pt England school went in buses exept the presenters. There were 12 different schools that went to the film festival our school was lucky so we went through in the morning. On the bus we sang funny songs. The presenters went early so they could practice their lines in the theatres so they don't get nervous and stage fright in front of the whole school. All the presenters got to sit in the front seats the year 1 and 2 had to go with a senior kid at pt england school so they don't get lost at Sylvia Park.If they do the year one or year 2 will have to look for a teacher from Pt England school. In bus there were fans, curtains and lights. There were lots of cool stuff in the first bus but in the second bus it was noise and shaking when it moved.

When we walked into the theatre we saw a huge swarm of chairs. The chairs felt like big red marshmallows. The screen  was enormous! And was as bright as the sun on a sunny day. The screen was the size of an adult brachiosaurus. It was really dark when the whole school quietly walked into the theatre. At the top there were lamps and couches. When we all sat down the theatre was filled with chatter.

We watched movies made by our school on the big screen. The movie I liked the best was Manaiakalani Man because it was funny when he laughed. It was also funny when they opened the Control room and it made a sound like this laaaa before they walked into the room. I also liked it when they used a mask for Arney. That's why I liked Manaiakalani man. What's your favourite movie?

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