Friday, 20 November 2015

The trip to the museum

Learning about Dinosaurs at the  Museum

On our trip to the museum we turned into paleontologists. There were three groups 1 2 & 3. I was in group 3. Paleontologists are people that go around the world and find fossils underground paleontologists have to be careful with the bones they find.the bone are all way carefully placed in together in the museum.We learn about a carnivore. The Carnivore we learnt about was the Tyrannosaurus Rex. We learnt how big it's mouth is and how big it's skull is. All the groups have a head paleontologists in each group.

In the group I was in, Isaiah was the head paleontologists. We studied a Tyrannosaurus rex tooth at the end. We got up and told the class about the tooth we also told what they used their teeth for they used their teeth for crushing bone and killing the dinosaurs. Room 15 also learnt about a herbivore it was a called triceratops we had a new head paleontologists that was me. My group studied a triceratops horn and skin. We also learnt how big the triceratops was.

In the beginning we were also did something it was that we played a game called fossil or not. We had three contestants Chance, Bitner and Delijah there were stuff the they had to press if they want to answer a question they needed a buzzer. It was a chicken sheep and duck . Chicken won the game. It was a very funny game it made my stomach hurt.

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