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A Story To Be Read

Chapter one

Once not long ago actually it was ten years ago in Mexico there lived three friends in a town called Taxco they were all girls. One girl's father was the town hero because he defeated the Robar Hermanos six times. But he didn’t live the sixth time to tell the story of how he defeated them. The only thing that was left of him was his indestructible sword stuck in a rock. Legend has it that whoever reveals the sword from the rock is a true hero. The girl’s name was Belle Hakim.

The second girl's father and relatives were all bullfighter. Her mum was one of the best bullfighters in Mexico. She nearly defeated every bull in the town excepted one his name was COCO BOCO he was the most biggest bull in the town and a undefeatable bull. The girl's name was Rose she was learning how to bullfight too. But Rose Sanjay also liked music it was also her dream to become a musician that’s why she always had a guitar with her.

The third girl’s father was the town mayor he was quite stubborn and he like to be weird one day he was sneaking in to the kids jungle gym and said he was just inspecting the equipment. There was this other time when he dressed up as a butcher man and was selling ice cream. The girl's name was Marie Casaba.

The three were best friend. They had a little saying that kept them together and kept their courage up they always like to say NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER. They loved to listen to the story of how their town was saved by many people many times. They even like to dress up and replay the same thing after learning about it.

Chapter 2

Once every year the people of taxco would come together to acknowledge the ones who came before us. The town would light up the graves of ancestors by putting candles and food like pies and water and lots of other Delicious things. Even the gods came Dios ligero Dios oscuro and candle maker. Dios ligero Dios oscuro were to gods the total obesity that’s why they have a candle maker he gives everyone their lives and keep the balance between the two gods.

When Rose and Marie went off to see Marie’s father Belle found herself face to face with a man who was holding out a magnificent diamond necklace. It was the necklace of life whoever holds or wears the necklace can not die or get injured or hurt. Belle quickly made a deal with the man who was holding the necklace, Belle said that if I protected Marie she would be her only bff.

But that man was actually the god and ruler of the land of the forgotten his name was

Dios oscuro. The land of the forgotten is a dark gloomy and terrible place. He had made a big wager with the god and ruler of the land of the remembered her name was Dios ligero. The land of the remembered it was a cheerful lighted up land with songs and joyful floats and jolly houses.

Chapter 3

Dios oscuro had made a deal with Dios ligero and if Dios ligero loses she has to give Dios oscuro the land of the remembered. But to make sure Dios ligero loses Dios oscuro is cheating, by giving Belle the necklace of everlasting life and then sending the Robar Hermanos to the town. But his plan wouldn’t happen right away. It will happen a few years later.

Anyways back to the story when Belle took the necklace but she didn’t know what she was doing she was actually taking the most dangerous jewelry in the world. How you ask because the Robar Hermanos main goal is to attack the town with the necklace of everlasting life.

Chapter 4

Belle caught up with Marie and Rose and secretly wore the necklace.’’ I didn’t notice your necklace until now’’ said Marie ‘’ yeah where did you get it Belle’’ said Rose ‘’ it was my Mothers said Belle.The next Day they were walking down the peaceful town when Marie saw a few bulls going into the butcher to be killed.

Marie Quickly told her friend what they had to do so off they went. Belle innocently went in to the butcher and distracted him so Rose and Marie could sneak out back and get the bulls free. Marie got the bulls free and then a stamped started all the bulls in town ran. But there was one bull that didn’t it was a Calf it had sweet eyes the size of oranges. It looked Marie in the eye and she felt some kind of connect between the two of them.

She grabbed the calf and ran toward the rest of the bulls. On the way she saw Rose’s guitar it was snapped into a hundred pieces she felt sorry for Rose and was going to try to make it up to her. When Marie got here she saw that right in front of her was a big ferocious bull huffing and puffing just waiting her to notice him. Suddenly Rose grab a red cloth and shoved Marie to safety then Rose fought the bull and then caged the bull but just as Rose finished

Chapter five

Bell walked up and wiped some dust off her shoulder making it look like she did all the work. The mayor came and thanked Belle instead of rose. Rose didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to make a scene. So she quietly walked next to Belle. After the Mayor Stopped thanking Belle he walked over to Marie and said ‘’No more of this nonsense you are going to Perfection Girls Academy they will whip you into a proper.

Nightfall came and it was time for Marie to leave to go to the academy. Rose and Belle both came to the train station to say good bye. Rose gave Marie the little calf she rescued. But Belle didn’t know that she had to bring a present. Marie also gave Rose a present she gave her a new guitar. Before Rose could say thank you. Marie had gotten onto the train. Rose whispered to herself quietly I will wait for you. Then they went home.

early in the morning Rose’s uncle woke her up ‘’ come on it’s time for training’’ Rose said Rose’s uncle. At the same time Belle was woken by her uncle ‘’ come on it hero training time’’ said Belle’s uncle.

They got to work straight away. Rose worked hard at being a bullfighter and a singer. Year after year they grew older and year after year they grew apart and better than they were. They worked hard and stayed strong. But Belle grew a little self absorbed.

Ten Years later!!!

One day Rose was walking through town to see Belle when a crowd of people went running past her. Rose asked where they were all going a woman replied and said ‘’ we are going to see the great Belle do some stunts’’.

Chapter Six

Rose followed them and had to pulled and pushed her way through the crowd and finally got to the front. Then she saw Rose telling people about the time were she saved Marie from a bull. Rose left the crowd and when she ran into her uncle. ‘’ Let’s go you have to get ready’’ said Rose’s uncle ‘’ready for what” replied Rose ‘’ for your first bullfight’’ said Rose's uncle ‘’ you never to told me about that’’ said Rose ‘’yes but you have to do it’’ said her uncle.

They went home and got ready. This was the biggest event of the year. It is a bigger deal because it was a same day that Marie would come back from Perfection Girls Academy. They got to the ring and the people started to take their seats.

Rose was in the ring when the bull was released. Marie came and sat down beside her dad. The fight started. Rose did amazing tricks like jumping over the bull and doing flips. Rose saw Marie and got the bull to follow the read cloth. Rose used the bull to spell Marie name in the middle of the ring.

The crowd applauded. When the bull was worn out Rose’s uncle gave Roses the sword the sword to kill the bull. Rose walked up to the bull and stuck the sword in the ground and yelled out to the crowd ‘’ KILLING THE BULL IS WRONG’’ then a voice came from high up in the stand where the mayor sits ‘’ GO GO GO ROSE’’ it was Marie.

The crowd started throwing food at Rose. When the ring was empty and the bull had even left Marie came to Rose and said ‘’Good job’’. They both went back to their family. Then Bella came to Rose and said you blew it.

They went home and that night the mayor through a welcome back party for Marie. The mayor invited the whole town excepted for Rose’s family. Night had came and Rose was walking through streets feeling sad. Marie was standing at her balcony just looking down as if waiting for someone. Rose gathered all her courage and walked over to the balcony.

Chapter Seven

After a few seconds of silence Rose spoke she said ‘’ I was a jerk at the fight’’ ‘’no no’’ Marie answered ‘’ you did what you believed it was the wrong to kill the bull and that was in your heart’’ Rose looked up at her with a little grin. “Why aren’t you at the party” said Marie “ why would I be the only thing happening is Belle making up pretend stories.

That’s when Marie’s father called her to come have some cake. “ By then” Said Rose without thinking ‘’ Bye “ replied Marie. Then Marie slowly left the balcony to join father down stairs. Rose slowly walked home where her uncle was waiting

‘’ WHAT DO YOU HAVE SAY FOR YOURSELF’’ Rose’s uncle said as Rose entered the house ‘’ you have ruined our family name by not killing the bull’’ Rose’s uncle replied. ‘’ you live under this roof you live under my rules’’ Rose’s uncle said again. Still Rose hung her head low in silence then went to her room.

That night Rose went to sleep without dinner. She tossed and turned in her comfy bed but still she didn’t feel the bit sleepy she turned to the window and stared out the window there sat a peaceful shining moon. Rose lay there thinking about what to do. One of her best friend were trying to steal the other.

Just as Rose was about to fall asleep “WAKE UP SLEEPY BONES” said a sweet voice Rose leaped out of the bed surprised of what had just happened. “MUM” yelled Rose as she ran to the ghostly figure, Rose tried hugging her but her arms just went through her “ don’t worry” said her mum I am just a spirit.

“Now what has gotten you so worried” asked her mum as her arm went through Rose sweet strawberry brown hair Rose sighed then explained to her mother about how one of her friend tried to steal the other friend. Her mum stopped her before she could explain what happened at the bullfight. “It sounds to me like you need to talk to her alone for a while.

Chapter Eight

Just as her mum finished Rose yelped out “lighting bolt” from in the blue” after a short pause “I know I can invite her to a picnic on top of the hill at the end of town” Rose told her mother. “That’s the spirit” her mother replied happily.The next morning Rose woke up early and got a nice picnic together then went to invite Marie to join her. The picnic was at high noon so then they could see the beautiful sunset.

That afternoon Rose met Marie as they had planned. They had a nice picnic and a nice time watching the sunset when up on a rooftop Dios oscuro was watching. He thought if Rose talked to Marie he would have to live in the land of the forgotten forever. So he summoned his two headed snake to bite Marie once.

His plan was to make Marie fall into a deep sleep which can only be broken by a hero and when Rose thinks that marie dead she will want to be with her in the land of the remembered so then the snakes will bite her twice and she will die for real.

Ooopsss spoiler alert back to the story. Marie was having a great time dancing to the song Rose was playing on her guitar when suddenly a snake a two headed snake came from behind the tree on the hill and bit Marie on the leg. Rose stood there paralyzed not knowing what to do next.

Soon it started to rain and Marie's father was getting worried about Marie so he gather up some guard and Belle. They arrived on the hill and met Rose half way in her arms lay Marie her Father rushed of the horse and ran to hold her daughter's hand “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HER” yelled Marie’s Father Rose Quietly replied “there was a snake and.. Belle cut Rose off “and you did not protect her you're a bullfighter and you couldn’t even defeat a snake.They took Marie back to home and left Rose to herself.

Rose went back to the hill and stared at the tree. The out of nowhere a wing poked out from behind a tree it was Dios oscuro, “Who are you’’? Asked Rose “ no time for questions” after a small pause he smiled. “Do you want to be with Marie” ? asked Dios oscuro “ with all my heart” murmured Rose a little louder please with all my heart” replied Rose a little annoyed “Very well” replied Dios oscuro he clicked his fingers and in a flash. The two headed snake appeared and just as it slithered up to Rose she yelled “it was your snake”.

Chapter Nine

But Dios oscuro couldn’t hear her because the snake had already bitten her but not once twice. Back at Marie’s house Belle was sitting beside Marie’s bed holding her cold stiff hand. She sat there in silence as a single tear ran done her cheek, it left a small trail dissolving into her skin. When the tear hit Marie’s palm she started to move as she did her eye opened. ‘’ wh wh what happened there was a snake then ROSE” she shouted in the as Belle went to calm her down ‘’ don’t worry Rose wasn’t hurt”.

As her father found out what had happened he yelled with joy. In honour of Belle the mayor was throwing a party without Rose again. Back to what happened with Rose. Once Rose was bitten she had what everybody has once in there life time she had her funeral. Once Rose had landed into the land of the remembered Rose met her great grandfather on a blip.

“Hola ahí Rose” yelled Rose’s mother as she landed on the blue Rose was standing on “Hola” Rose replied as she went in for a hug. Now why are you here I want to be with my friend Marie. “ Well Marie hasn’t died yet” said Rose’s great great grandfather. “Then I must see Dios ligero to ask for my life back” Rose purposed “then we will go with you” her family agreed.

So they set off they past candles and blips of all kind and saw treats and food from all around from every angle there was a joyful star shining happily among the sky. Soon they arrived at Dios ligero castle it was even brighter than the rest of the city. As Rose entered a cold chill ran down her spine. As she entered the main room there a long table set with nice treats with a heart shaped chair turned around.

Rose ran to the chair and bellowed down for Dios ligero. But when the chair turned around there sitting in front of her was Dios oscuro. “Wh wh where is Dios ligero” ? Rose asked in surprise “she is at the land of the forgotten” replied Dios oscuro “ but why”? asked Rose “because she lost a wager” mumbled Dios oscuro.

Chapter Ten

Rose thought about it then asked Dios oscuro to take her and her family to the land of the forgotten her agreed and took her there. When Rose was there she arrived she asked the rest were she might be the other told her that she might be in the castle at the end of crooked road. So they set off.

When they arrived they saw a figure turned away behind a yellow gold curtain of dust.’’ Dios ligero” Rose yelled but not as loud as usual “yes” replied Dios ligero in a welcoming voice. “ Could I please have my life back” asked Rose in a very brave voice “whatever for” asked Dios ligero. “Well I want to be with my best friend” Rose said feeling like her heart would jump out of her chest.

But that means ….. She paused for a minute then she vanished and returned a few minutes later with Dios Oscuro. When she reappeared she turned to Dios oscuro and shouted “YOU CHEATED” while Rose on the other hand was thinking about what she was talking about and then she slapped him in the face then turned away, soon she looked at Rose and said sorry I can’t give your life back not until the other approve.

She turned to Dios oscuro and said what do you think, he said how about another bet.Then he tried to Rose and said tell me what is your biggest fear, Rose he said that Rose could see that the middle of the God's I had turned into a scull. Then she snapped his fingers and said got it. Then he turned the place around him into a bull ring.

After a while Dios oscuro told Rose her task. As he spoke his voice was stronger that usual and he said “ Rose your task is to defeat every bull the sanjay’s family have ever defeated all at once. In the ring it also had a part where her family sat to support her. Rose grabbed the cloth and stood in front of the gate were the bulls we released. As she stood her heart skipped a beat while the bulls we released.

As she held the cloth in front of her while all the bulls charged toward her then suddenly she moved to the side. The bull all crashed into the side of the ring were the stayed. But then unanticipatedly the bulls all molded into a huge skeleton bull. Rose stayed calm while the god Dios oscuro was sitting at the edge of his seat rubbing his hands together maniacally.

Chapter Eleven

Once again the bull charged in her direction. Once again she jumped to out of the way but this time over the bull. Once the bull was stuck Rose went to get the sword although that what you thought. She walked to the stand and reached for the sword when she saw her reflection. It made her realize this wasn’t her she.

Then she firmly grabbed her guitar and walked to the place where the bull had just broke free. It was about to charge when Rose started to play. Just then Dios oscuro cracked up and couldn’t help but laughing at Rose who had melted the bulls heart with her song. She played a few more note then stopped because the bull had gone to permanent sleep.

Her family hurried to see if she was alright and she was they all danced in joy while Dios Oscuro tried to make a run for. Dios ligero stopped him ‘’ hey we made a bet and you lost now pay the price or I will be having some very strong word with you’’ she said. The gods all approached Rose and said by the power invested by the gods we give you Rose your life back.

For Rose everything went blurry and then suddenly she approached right in the middle of a grand parade with Belle and Marie in it. Marie didn’t look the happiest but Belle sure did. They had just arrived were I was when someone yelled “Robar Hermanos !”. Everyone yelled and sheirked in panic but Marie stayed calm.

Chapter Twelve

Belle search her neck for the necklace of life but it wasn’t there she climbed of the float and ran to her house and got her necklace then hurried back were the Robar Hermanos were rampaging everywhere. Jam jar spilled and the town was a mess until Rose started to fight back she got the brothers all after her and the she hurried around town.

Then to the bell tower. Rose arrived and saw that Marie was already there she watched as belle lord them under the bell. As soon as the were there she pulled down on the bell which trapped her and the Hermanos brothers underneath. Everybody thought that was the end of her but then Marie saw Rose’s climbed out from underneath the bell.

She ran to bell and gave her a great big hug. “Your still alive” said Marie with joy. They arrived at the town square were Belle was stumbled with qeustions by her fellow towns people. Just then the Marie’s father realised that she was wearing the necklace of ever lasting life. Then he ripped the necklace and walked away.

The towns people went back to what they were doing and the town started to get going again. Belle stood there in complete silecne. Marie and Rose approached her. Rose grabbed her hand and said “ don’t worry we forgive you and so does the town I think” Marie nuged her and gave her that stop it look.

The three former friend became friend again and from that day on they always said no retreat no surrender and it is a smybol of there friendship.


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