Thursday, 5 April 2018

Food Critic for a Day

Walt: To write an opinion piece

A True Chocoholic

If your dear your life you should stay away from Mint chocolate.

Cadbury’s mint Chocolate is part of the HUMONGOUS ranges of chocolates around the world. It is a milky chocolate substance from Cadbury with mint and sugar, I think that this is one of the crazy combinations from Cadbury. The mint was green and slimy and and the chocolate was brown and sweet.

I think that Cadbury mint chocolate is a substance that melts as it hits your tongue, It is a true lip smacker if you are a  true chocoholic. The Mint felt really sticky and looks a bit like toxic slime. It smelt like mint as soon as I smelt it. It really hurt when I chewed it me because in the weekend I lost a tooth and that to was the main tooth I chewed with. The chocolate also felt like I was chewing marshmallows with tiny chunks of chocloate in it.

If Cadbury improved there product I would say to maybe not go to that level of weird flavors. I would also say to go easy on the mint because your product taste more like tooth paste that does not work, you can’t really even taste the chocolate. So maybe next time you could make a marshmallow and chocolate flavor it would taste kind of like a  smore YUMMY.

I don’t think this product is the best because it kind of taste like toothpaste, but I would recommend this to someone that loves chocoholic.

Task Description: This week we completed a task it was about being a food critic it was really fun. we had to task food and right a report about how it looked tasted felt smelt like and what it should should and does smell look feel and taste like.

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