Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Animation Voice over

’The earth is so polluted’’ said Zaria “ I agree” said Alisha let’s go find a new planets. Should we take my rocket or yours? said Alisha “hmmm… let’s take mine” replied Zaria “okay”Said Alisha. They boarded the rocket made out of pizza’s and blasted to outer space. “We are out of this world” said Zaria  “haha very funny” replied Alisha.

They past all the planets in the solar system. “Mars jupiter neptune pluto Uranus moon earth venus saturn that’s all of them we are officially out of the solar system” said Alisha “and have arrived at our first planet’’ finished Zaria.

They landed on the planet but the ship had turned into a normal rocket “hey what gives said Zaria “don’t worry remember you are on another planet right now”said a mysterious voice. Zaria knew that voice from somewhere but were “who said that” Zaria replied as she jumped into one of her karate moves.

“Don’t worry I am in your space watch/phone/communicator”said the voice Zaria looked at her watch and saw a friendly face “Zaeeda” she shouted in relief. Zaria was talking to Zaeeda on the watch but Alisha had already started looking for the right resources that make a planet habitable.

“This is a good planet” said Zaria to Zaeeda “and it has all the right resources” Alisha finished out of the blue. The celebrated and got Zaeeda to alert the rest of the planet. Everyone landed on crownania the new planet to support human life.

A few years later…..

’The earth is so polluted’’ said Zaria “ I agree” said Alisha “here we go again” Zaria said.


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