Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Childnot

As the joyfulness and satisfaction rised up in the class room I suddenly yelled “JAHZARA QUICK !!! let me go under your arm ” Jahzara quickly flicked into action and let me go under her arm so we’d get one step closer to untying the child not. What was our teacher thinking I thought in my mind while Marika crawled over jahzara’s other hand and Levonah’s hand. ’’WOOOOOOW all the laughter joy and craziness is  gone wild ’’ said Inga as me and Pisi got pulled to the ground with a THUMP!! It is total Chaos I replied. When a group on the other end of the mat shouted WE DID IT WE DID IT !!!! Miss west quickly dashed over to the group and started snapping photos snap snap, she took one last photos of us still half tangled up  and told every one  go sit on the room ten mat so we could get on with our work. ’’ I thought we were going to have a natural day’’ I said to Amira as we walked over to the room ten mat ’’ but my arm got tired and sweaty from all that movement’’ said Amira ’’me to said Inga ’’at least is was a great exercise’’ said Chance walking over to us.

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