Friday, 28 October 2016

Bush Walk

THUMP! A chest has landed in front of Zaeeda’s feet she picks up the chest and calls her friend to come see. “ Farah Hope Amira Megan come here look what I found in front of my feet it’s a chest”. “Open it “ Amira yelled with a huge expression of excitement “okay okay” Zaeeda replied back. They all rounded up by Zaeeda as she revealed what was in the chest “it’s a map” whispered Hope to the other girls. “What should we do with” asked Farah “ let’s follow the map and see where it leads to” said Megan. “That’s a great Idea” Zaeeda replied so off they went.

They follow the map and kept their eye’s open for anything suspicious. Soon they arrived at a bush and the said “ we can’t go around It we can’t go over and we certainly can’t go under it so we're Just gonna have to go through it”. So the walked and walked and walked when they came to a stop “hey it’s getting late now” Amira said “what should we do” Megan said “let’s come back tomorrow” answered Hope “I will leave my pen here Said Zaeeda “so we will know that we are coming the right way “. the girls all hurried home and came back the next day.

The next day Zaeeda found her pen in her room and brought the  pen to the bush with her where she met her friends . “Look it’s the pen that I left there yesterday” said Zaeeda “that’s weird” replied Hope “because I found your pen in my room” no I did said Amira “No I did” said Megan “ hey you guy are all wrong Because I did” yelled Farah “but that can’t be right” Zaeeda  said to the girls.

Then the girls all heard a sound come from the bush DOOM TO THE FOOL WHO ENTERS THIS BUSH!!! “GH GH GH GHOST KILCLOON”! The girl shouted and ran in fear. They ran and ran until they couldn't run any more the ghost had corned them  “we are dead” said Farah. NOT ON MY WATCH ! it was MR MINI MUSCLE MAN A.K.A MR MORAN BOOM POW he has defeated the GHOST KILCLOON.

YAY GO MR MINI MUSCLE MAN the girls cheered in joy YAY.

’’I learnt a very valuable lesson never open a chest with a map in it said Zaeeda’’ ME TWO! Shouted the girls.

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