Friday, 4 March 2016

The Blob

’’Ahh’’ One afternoon the blob was out on the lake. Screams were all around town a little girl named Miley was just about  to  be launched in the air. After five minutes of  waiting Miley nestled up in the air. Splash she was launched into the air screaming ’’Ahhhhhh’’. When she came out she froze for one moment and then shouted ’’THAT  WAS AWESOME’’!. Then she walked back to her family.

Next it was a boy’s turn, his legs felt like jelly . The countdown started. 3 2 1 ’’ Wait ’’ the boy shouted ’’I don’t want to be launched in the air’’.  After he finished, the person shouted back from above ’’Wait I will help you." Then he jumped onto the blob and the boy soared in the air and into the water. SPLASH!
The blob.jpg


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