Monday, 19 October 2015


This Term everyday after maths team 3 have P.E. Sometimes we see Miss Vaafusuaga,sets up the equipment . When Miss Vaafusuaga is setting up the stuff we take a look of what we are doing. Some of the things are cones,balls,hoops and cricket bats they are all sports equipment.

The games we played are rob the nest,rounders,cricket,overarm and under arm throwing. We had  a game that we practiced throwing seven things the seven stuff we throw was a wooden ball, sock ball,gumboot and a base ball. They all involved running catching and throwing. When we are doing our games there are lots and lots of sweating.There were lots of organising.

My favourite game was rob the nest. I like rob the nest because you can take the other groups balls without out getting in trouble and that is fun.What I really like P.E because it's fun and you can get class points which is fun. When you get to go to your game you might not like the look of it  but once you start playing it you actually will have fun.

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