Friday, 24 July 2015

Robin Hood

Long long ago there lived an outlaw. His name was Robin Hood. He lived in Sherwood Forest in Nottingham with his outlaw friends. Whenever danger came past one of the outlaws gave a signal until the danger had past .

In Sherwood Forest the outlaws made themselves a home where they practise their archery .       Robin Hood was the best at archery. Robin Hood was the best at archery. Robin Hood helped his friends with their archery too.

One day the sheriff decided they were going to hold an archery contest. All the archery people will be there including Robin Hood. On the day of the competition Robin Hood disgusted himself like a simple peasant then he went to get his strongest bow and arrow. After that he went off to the contest .

At  the competition Robin Hood put on his hoodie and grabbed his bow and arrow. When the on the day contest started Robin Hood got his strongest arrow and placed his finest arrow and fired the arrow. It went faster than wind and hit the  target in the middle. When it was the finalists it was Robin Hood and a soldier. The soldier fired three times and it didn't hit the middle and when Robin Hood fired and it did hit the middle.

Robin Hood won the trophy and just when he was about to get the trophy the sheriff's men came after him. So Robin Hood grabbed the trophy made a run for it and he got back to the forest where the other outlaws we're waiting for him. When Robin Hood got back he showed his trophy to the other outlaws.


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